Candy Bell – Don’t Call Me Freckles! (1973)

Candy Bell or more commonly known as Suzanne Pritchard posing for photographer Fred Enke in 1973. I’ve also seen similar shots taken on the same set with the model name as Sari Saeritz and taken by Ron Vogel, but whatever the name or photographer it’s undeniably Suzanne and her massive tits!

I have a mixed set of over 10 shots on this set of Suzanne, some wearing a long wig and others like this with a freckle painted on her face, maybe giving her a schoolgirl like appearance? What is also very noticeable is the thick, abundant pussy showing through those panties, it’s a veritable forest down there! In other shots, it’s just as obvious from any position, but there are never any full-frontal shots of her without the panties covering that lush bush. There seems to be a real lack of uncensored frontal shots of Suzanne, which is a real shame, as I’m sure they would be fully appreciated by all. 😉

2 thoughts on “Candy Bell – Don’t Call Me Freckles! (1973)

  1. What to say about Suzanne? She does a lot of ‘comedy’ glamour, almost subverting the ‘genre’ into something a bit anti-glamour. She seems to be quite short, but her chest is magnificent – doesn’t show so well in this pic though. You’re right though, few shots of her full on without knickers, but what a chest . . .


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