A Cheeky Smile & More From Gerry! (Original)


A beautifully cheeky smile from a naked Gerry Brown posing at Norlond Astoria Studio’s, Finsbury Park on 3rd May 1968. This shot is one of 5 from an original 35mm black and white negative strip recently added to my collection and shows Gerry with short curly hair for a change.

A great pose from Gerry showing of her 39″ bust, curvy figure and a hint of hairy pussy with her vital statistics being recorded as 39/24/37 and what a smile!

1960’s, 1968, 35mm Black and White Negative, 39″ Bust, 3rd May, Big Tits, Blonde, Curvy, Finsbury Park, Gerry Brown, Hairy Pussy, Norlond Astoria Studio, Nude, Original, Restored, Short Blond Hair, Uncensored, Vintage, Vintage Nude, Vintage Pinup 1960’s

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