Suzi Shaw – Sheer & Sexy! (Original)


The start of a small set of original 35mm black and white negatives of the voluptuous Suzi Shaw and her magnificent chest. Taken in 1967 in the Studio this set of negatives features Suzi posing in an open long sheer negligee and showing off her curvy figure and those massive tits 🙂

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Dawn and Cindy – Double Sofa Delight!

Someone mentioned duo’s and trio’s of models posing together, and here is a perfect duo in the shapely forms of Dawn Grayson and Cindy Neal. From an original strip of 35 mm black and white negative, this was shot at the Norland Astoria Studio in 1967 of the two girls. Both look fabulous sat on the sofa topless, especially Cindy, who is looking directly at the camera.

There are plenty of shots out there of models posing together, and I have loads, so maybe as suggested I should try to find some way of listing all the duo’s, trio’s and more if that interests anyone?

Wet Bodies! (1958)


Another artistic view of two wet bodies by Harrison Marks. I do love the figures in this one and how the water droplets sit on the skin and what fantastic figures on both, especially that rather shapely bottom.

The models in this shot or the bodies belong to Jean Sporle (Spaul) and the one with the rather nice bottom is Gaby Rougier . I’ve posted a shot of them together here and other shots of them together appeared in Kamera No.17 (1959).

1950’s, 1958, Artistic, Gaby Rougier, Harrison Marks, Jean Spaul, Medium Format Negative, Nude, Original Negative, Restored, Studio, Torso, Vintage, Vintage Nude, Vintage Pinup 1950’s, Vintage Tits, Wet

April Dawson – Blonde & Bronzed! (Original)


A beautiful shot April Dawson by Harrison Marks. She obviously loved the sun and the definition of the bikini line is even clearer in this shot. Another shot taken on the Casbah set that GHM used for several shoots and films.

1960’s, 1969, April Dawson, Blonde, Casbah Set, Hairy Pussy, Harrison Marks, Medium Format Negative, Nude, Original, Small Tits, Tan Lines, Trimmed Pussy, Vintage, Vintage Nude, Vintage Pinup 1960’s

Up Stream with Elaine Desmond! (Original)

A shot of Elaine Desmond precariously posing in the river, taken by Harrison Marks. Location wise this is on location down in Bedruthan, Cornwall, as I’ve seen similar shots at this river used in Kamera on Location 66. Elaine wasn’t part of the original set of models that appear in Kamera on Location 66. It does appear it was a popular location for GHM, as several other models including Elaine are seeing posing in the same locations during the late 1960s.

Yamille – Picture Perfect!

A rare shot of the model known only as Yamille by Harrison Marks in the studio. A perfect picture of her kneeling and looking away from the camera, but giving us a perfect front view of her curves, those hips and just a hint of bush!

You can also just notice a scar down where her appendix is, so another who seems to have had an appendectomy. I love this dusky model, just wish there was more of her around, especially some more full-frontal of her. 😉

Tempting From Tina! (Original)


Tina Graham (Christine Carter) posing for Harrison Marks on the beach set and similar to the these shots from the same set, but this time more a better view. A beautiful pose from Tina as she kneels in the sand with her legs slightly apart giving us an uncensored view of the smooth pussy and small lips 😉

1960’s, Bamboo Canes, Beach, Black and white, Christine Carter, Gina Graham, Harrison Marks, Kneeling, Medium Format Negative, Nude, Original, Shaven, Smooth Pussy, Tina Graham, Uncensored, Vintage, Vintage Nude, Vintage Pinup 1960’s, Vintage Tits

June Palmer – Fishnets & Pearls! (Original)


Another absolutely stunning shot of the fabulous June Palmer from an original 35mm colour slide in my collection. A wonderful studio portrait shot of a young June in the prime of her modelling career posing topless in black fishnet tights, long black gloves and pearls.  Superb colours in this shot as well that help highlight June and that topless figure, classic stuff!


1960’s, 35mm Colour Slide, Fishnet Tights, JP Original, June Palmer, Long Black Gloves, Non Nude, Original, Pearls, Restored, Topless, Vintage, Vintage Pinup 1960’s, Vintage Tits

Hilde Beck – Kneeling Nubile! (Original)


Hilde Beck (Hyldagarde) on the Egyptian (Pharaohs) Set by Harrison Marks and comes from the very extensive collection of original negatives from Kevin. This shot has Hilde kneeling on a stone block in a very passive pose, but looking equally as gorgeous and giving us a full uncensored view of those ample tits and pussy!

1960’s, Big Tits, Egyptian Set, Hairy Pussy, Hilde Beck, Hyldagarde, Kevintagist, Kneeling, Medium Format Negative, Nude, Original, Original Negative, Restored, Uncensored, Vintage, Vintage Nude, Vintage Pinup 1960’s

Susan Shaw – Open & Exposed! (Original)


Another beautiful shot of Susan Shaw (Gisa) posing in the garden in a nice open toweling swimsuit. I love the way the zip is down and she’s pulling open the swimsuit to expose those small perky tits, a very tempting offering 😉

Taken by Paul Pantha (Terry Sparks) on location at some unknown house in January 1967, from a set of contact sheets sent over by Kevin.

1960’s, Black and white, Contact Sheet, Gisa, House, Kevintagist, Original, Outdoors, Paul Pantha, Restored, Small Tits, Susan Shaw, Terry Sparks, Topless, Toweling Top, Vintage, Vintage Nude, Vintage Pinup 1960’s, Vintage Tits