Gorgeous Gaby! (Original)

Gaby Rougier kneeling naked on the bed by Harrison Marks and showing off that fabulous figure!

The bed and wallpaper have been used many times before, but Gaby looks so good in this frontal view. You can also just seeing a hint of hair between her open thighs 😉

7 thoughts on “Gorgeous Gaby! (Original)

  1. Those shadows pointed out by glaiesdale are quite fascinating, don’t think they’re a trick of the light, but I do think she might have had another job as a stripper, and she might have been “wearing” nipple tassels not long before that photo was taken.


    1. I had to check the original negative as not sure it wasn’t a mark on the negative. On checking I’m not sure, but the circle looks like it could be a watermark on the actual negative I didn’t notice 🙂


  2. The ‘pasties’ or nipple tassels would explain why the marks are there, and there is just a trace visible on the right breast too. Explicitness has tended to do away with pasties, but back in the day they were fantastically sexy.


  3. Talking of nipple tassels – wasn’t there a scene in ‘The Graduate’ – counter-rotating ones too!


  4. The stripper in “The Graduate” was played by Lainie Miller, a 26-year-old Canadian actress whose tassel-twirling reduces Elaine Robinson (Katharine Ross) to a tearful walk-out from the club.

    Her date Ben (Dustin Hoffman) has behaved like a jerk, taking her to the strip show to sabotage the date and inviting the stripper to perform directly above Elaine’s head in order to humiliate her. Mission accomplished.

    But when Elaine cries Ben regrets his loutish conduct and realises he loves her, and not her mother (Mrs Robinson, played by Anna Bancroft).

    The strip-club scene involved two days of filming. “It was a little more intricate to shoot because they wanted me to lean over and have those tassels touch Katharine on the head,” Lainie Miller told a US newspaper in 2017, 50 years after the movie’s release.


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