Patsy Takes The Plunge!

Patsy Henlow or otherwise known as Pam Hornby by Terry Sparks.

As Patsy she poses for Terry in various locations around a house fully naked and showing off a very nice hairy pussy. As Pam she poses for Bainbridge both outside and indoors, but this time with a completely shaven and smooth pussy. I’d guess that Terry’s shots were slightly earlier than those of Bainbridge, so I’d say late 60’s for Terry and early 70’s for Bainbridge, but I could be wrong.

A glorious view of Patsy as she lays amongst the bubbles 😉

Members can view and download a larger image here

Site Update – 14/03/22

A quick update on the progress of the replacement site and transfer of the content from old to new.

The site is performing well and people are slowly coming across to the new site and I’m trying to add new posts each day as well as continuing to update content. Some updates that have been done:

  • The A-Z Model List – This is now completely moved across and up and running in new galleries with links to posts of models where I’ve posted. This also includes the unknown model listing as well. The A-Z on the old site has now been removed and links to the new site.
  • The Kamera Magazine gallery has also been moved across
  • I’m continuing to update posts each day, but there are still many posts from the old site that need updating. To date I’ve update 3200 posts to the new site format, but still have 1800 to go! Please bear with me as I keep updating posts as I get time.
  • Finally please use the subscribe button on the bottom right menu to get updates on new posts and please feel free to leave comments as missing the feedback and interaction!

It’s all coming along nicely if slowly and no issues with the site at all, fingers crossed. Thanks again to one and all for the support and patience 🙂

June Palmer – Red Rear View


Another shot of  a mature June in red stockings from the Red Stocking Strip set. This time a rearview of June as she leans on one hand, giving us a view of that peachy ass and a hint of one tit. Stunning as always, and the red stockings and black heels all add to the set-up of the shot.