Lynn Shaw – Sheer Candle Delight

Lynn Shaw from a small set of 3 prints posing topless in sheer white fuller panties. I love the different poses and the candles and candelabra, but she’s a bit close to those flames for my liking!

Lynn always looks so elegant, even with very little on. 🙂

Passing of a Friend

It is with great sadness I have to announce that friend and long time contributor to the site Paul Pollak passed away in March. Paul ran Firebird Records down on Portabello Road in London and although his main passion was vinyl records, he also had a love of vintage glamour.

I first came across Paul back in 2014 when my site was in its first few years. I purchased several copies of Kamera Magazine from his eBay site that I had missing, and we instantly struck up a friendship discussing Harrison Marks and other photographers. Furthermore, I also started helping him identify models, and things took off from there. There wasn’t a week went by where we didn’t chat about vintage glamour, how we hated eBay or even sometimes records.

Recently, I even helped him identify a number of 1960s models that appeared on the classic Jimi Hendrix Album ‘Electric Ladyland’, which I posted here.

Very sad news and I, for one, will miss our chats and the contribution he made to this site.

Anita St. George – Definitely No Dragon!

A smiling Anita St. George posing topless from a set of contact sheets. Another Anita and another with saint as part of the surname. This Anita looks great kneeling on that sheepskin rug in just her panties, showing off a nice rounded pair of tits.

Seemed like an appropriate image to post on St George’s day! 🙂