Wendy’s Sunny Outlook

Wendy Smith by Howard Roark from the 1970s and definitely a view to raise the temperature. Wendy is a firm favourite of mine, and I love this view of her sat on a bridge in Denim shorts. It comes from a large set of contact sheets featuring Wendy in various settings and states of undress. One thing you can’t miss in any of the images is her big tan lined tits.

I’ll be editing and updating previous posts of Wendy from the old site later. So, a big helping of Wendy and her ample body and tits coming!

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Yvette’s a Catch!

Yvette Windsor from a restored 35 mm colour slide taken at Jason Studios. The false eyelashes were so big in this shot, they cast their own shadow! 🙂

I’ve seen better shots of Yvette, as in this set under her eyes looks very pale and odd, or that could just be the slide? I do love the one nipple poking through the fishnet top, though. From my large collection of scans sent over from my departed friend Paul, whom I’m sure would have appreciated such a shot.

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