Simply Sarah!

Another new model by Harrison Marks and also another unknown model or only known as Sarah? Sat posing on the familiar bed with metal bedstead that many a GHM model posed on, she looks quite distracted. A great figure and she looks quite young to me.

I have several negatives of this model posing for GHM including a full set of her and Angela Duncan. That set comes from a set of stills taken from the 8 mm cine film ‘A Hit for Two Miss’s’. The film features Angela as a school teacher and this unknown as a school girl in uniform, hence the young looks.  I don’t have the first black and white version, but realized thanks to Glaisedale I do have a colour version of A Hit for Two Miss’s under the title Die Lesbierinnen (The Lesbians).

Sarah also appeared in another film around the same time, this was with Helen Jones in E317 film ‘Cue for Two’

For now, I’ll put this model down as Unknown Model No.56 (Sarah) in the unknown list, unless anyone can provide a full name?

Hanging Out with Gerry!

Gerry Brown hanging out at Jason Studio’s in the 1960s. From a set of 35 mm black and white negatives, a great pose from Gerry with her tits popping out the top of her flimsy dress!

Members can view and download a larger image here

A Very Pottable Helen!

Helen Jones posing for Harrison Marks beside a snooker table at Ewhurst Manor. I have images of Monique Deveraux and Valerie Jones posing on this table as well, so it was well-used!

Helen was a later model for GHM, posing in the mid 1970s, but I’m not sure if she ever appeared in any of his publications? I do think this and other shots of Helen may be stills from one of the Harrison Marks cine films around the time of ‘Scout’s Honour’, but she doesn’t seem to be named in those I have records of? Regardless, Helen has a nice slim figure on show and hairy pussy, all very pottable! 😉

Again, this is another negative from my collection I’m selling over on eBay

Update: Thanks to a kind member, Helen actually appeared in the cine film ‘Cue for Two’ with another unknown model named Sarah. I have ‘Sarah’ down as unknown model No.56.

Members can view and download a larger image here

All of Erica Roe!

Erica Roe, also known as the Twickenham Streaker, is remembered for a topless run across the pitch of Twickenham Stadium during an England vs. Australia rugby union match on 2 January 1982. It has been described by the BBC as “perhaps the most famous of all streaks.”

This is apparently an original medium format shot of Erica taken in the studio. She is certainly showing off a lot more that she did at Twickenham!

I have this in my collection, but currently selling it off over on eBay if anyone is interested in owning this rare bit of nostalgia?

Lush Loretta!

From a set of 35 mm black and white negatives taken at Jason Studios, we have the rather lush looking Loretta Fitzroy. It’s only a strip of 6 shots, but you sure get to see plenty of Loretta’s ample curves! What a fabulous figure, lush bush and good size tits. Plenty to get hold of!

Members can view and download a larger image here

Dawn Grayson – Perky & Pink!

Catching up after a busy week with a perky shot of Dawn Grayson laying on the floor beside a bed topless. A great shot from a medium format negative showing dawn in glorious colour, as she arches her back to show off those small tits.

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Lorraine’s Dressing Room Pose

It’s been a while since I posted a shot of Lorraine Burnett by Harrison Marks with short blonde hair on the dressing room set. Not a bad shot of Lorraine although she could have removed her hands! 🙂

Members can view and download a larger image here

Busty in White

I bought this set of 35mm negatives several years ago and never really published them. Not because I didn’t like them, but just that they are more modern than the majority of the content on here.

I think they are from the 1980’s and obviously feature a very busty model in white top and fishnet stockings. Some shots are good, such as the first one of her sitting with a hint of pussy showing. I also like the shots of her leaning forward with those big tits hanging 🙂

Different but worth a share from the collection and if members want copies please let me know.

Christine on Red!

A superb shot of member Caligula’s beautiful wife Christine taken back in the late 1960’s from one of several sets of 35mm colour negatives. Although shy to start she took to posing for Cali and was soon happy to pose alone and with her friend. 

A stunning shot of a nude Christine against the backdrop of the red curtain. What a figure, nice round tits and just a hint of a trimmed pussy below. A big thank you to Cali for sending over this great shot and others of Christine and allowing me to post them here.

Members can view and download a larger image here