A Quick Dip with Pamela!

A shot of Pamela Green by Harrison Marks, taken in 1959. Posing on his boat the Pyewacket probably down on the Thames near Maidenhead. A shot straight from the negative, showing Pam climb back aboard after a quick dip.

Well it’s that time of year, so time for my summer break for a few weeks as I hopefully head to France. Things will of course go quiet for a few weeks on here, but hopefully back refreshed sometime in August! 🙂

Yvonne Perrin – A Quick Tweak!

The beautiful ebony model Yvonne Perrin from a set of contact sheets, who Terry Sparks photographed in 1974. I quite like her as she has a slender figure, small perky tits and a nice dark thick pussy. She’s giving one of those dark nipples a good tweak too! 🙂

Brenda’s Tasty Tits!

A shot from a set of 12 black and white 35 mm negatives of 1960s UK model Brenda Wilson. This set of photo’s has Brenda posing topless in open cardigan, black stockings and panties.

Brenda as you can see was rather a busty girl, and they are a very tasty pair of tits!

Lee Southern – A Floating Pose

A silver gelatin print of Lee Sothern (Southern) from photographic glass plates. Taken floating on the pool at Sheplegh Court, down in South Devon, in the 1960s.

A great wet look from Lee and a nice set of floats! Remember to stay safe out there when mucking about on the water. 🙂

Linda Schmidt – Swimming Pool Perfection!

A big busted favourite from the 1970s, Linda Schmidt, from my own collection of contact sheets. This is from a set of Linda posing and playing on an inflatable in the swimming pool, and was taken by Howard Roark in California. A fabulous girl with a fabulous set of tits on her.

I think we all need cooling-off today!

A Cooling Spread!

Another great photo by Leslie Bainbridge of an unknown model. Sat in a sunny rock pool completely naked and showing off every detail of her body. From the small hard nipples down to the smooth pussy and lips. I’ll just leave it at that and allow everyone to just enjoy this cooling view! 🙂

Cling Film Cheri!

A rather interesting use of cling film in this shot! 1970s US busty model Cheri Pinegar wrapping those massive tits in cling film. Hoping to keep them fresh when unwrapped later. 🙂

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Venturing into Anna!

For some reason, I have a collection of slides and images of the 1980s porn star Anna Ventura. Most of them are 35 mm slides I just picked because I like them, such as this one.

A rather nice open view of Anna sat on the arm of a red leather armchair! 🙂

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Sharon by Ken Greenwood

Another shot from a set of contact prints in my collection, this time one of a model only named as Sharon and again by UK photographer Ken Greenwood. This time I only have 36 shots of Sharon from two sets in various poses and stages of undress. I love this topless shot of her with her panties slowly going down, and what a great figure and set of tits. 🙂