Julie’s Big Tit Bonanza!

Did someone mention big tits? Well here’s a nice big pair being shown off by Julie Collins taken by Terry Sparks. This is from a set of 9 contact sheets featuring various shots of Julie.

Julie is a big busted favourite of mine, and I love this shot of her. Kneeling in long black boots and tights with her top open and exposing those big tan lined tits! A very 1970s feel to her outfit, especially that all in one short pantsuit or whatever it is you would call it. Perfect! 🙂

Cheeky One from Behind!

A shot from the 196os by Roland Carre of one of his French models that appeared in the Cover Girl magazines.

A view from behind this time as she kneels on an armchair looking over her shoulder showing off her great round arse, with just a hint of pussy on show!

Overall, a fabulous shot of an attractive model in stockings and heels from behind. 🙂

June Palmer – Are You Sitting Comfortably?

A stunning shot of June Palmer sat on the studio floor with her legs crossed. Looking straight at the camera, June looks perfect with that silver chain pulled around her tits to highlight them. The silver chain and those silver bikini bottoms have appeared several times in the past.

I love June’s whole look in this shot, including the curls of hair and make-up 🙂

Ann Day – Brush & Bush!

A colourful view of the very well-endowed Ann Day by Harrison Marks. A great side view of Ann showing off her big tits, long dark hair and equally dark thick bush! A shot of Ann with the same brush also appears on the cover of Kamera No.87 (1968)

A girl that was well-endowed in every department and a brush was probably needed to keep all her hair under control 😉

Erica – A Floral Delight

Another shot of Erica by Harrison Marks from another restored silver gelatin print, this time sat on a bed with the floral wallpaper in the background. I now have 10 prints of Erica from this set, of which this is the 4th I’ve published.

Long Haired Look!

Another shot of the beautiful Jane Steadman from a restored 35 mm black and white negative. This 35 mm set is by an unknown photographer, but contains over 40 images of her posing at Jason Studio’s.

Dazzling Dawn to keep you warm!

Another shot of the dazzling Dawn Grayson posing in just tights and a pair a diamond heels in the garden. As always, perfectly posed by Dawn and something to warm you up as the days start to cool and autumn moves in.

Gillian's Necklace Desire

A stunning pose by Gillian Hanna better known as Jennifer Eccles from a set of 35 mm black and white negatives. I love the way she is laying and looking away to the right in this shot.

A beautiful naked body with only the necklace and heels as adornments 🙂

Gillian's Sheer Exposure!

The sheer exposure of Gillian Hanna showing off her assets onboard a cruiser on the Thames! Gillian was better known later in her career as Jennifer Eccles when she went on to do the more explicit stuff, but I love this shot of her.

I love the frilly suspender belt and the very sheer knickers that easily show off that thick dark triangle of pussy below. Add in her figure and those well-rounded big tits and a perfect view on the water. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘All aboard!’