Sitting Pretty with Barbara & Nicky

An original image from a negative of Barbara Halks and Nicky Stevens on the set of the Harrison Marks glamour film ‘Sitting Pretty’. The film itself was a standard 8 mm film in black and white by Harrison Marks, numbered No.E.9 – Sitting Pretty (1967), but I have no idea what the film actually entails! I do have a copy of the box cover (below) featuring the two girls, but the shot I have is a little more revealing from Barbara’s point of view! I’d say nice ‘pussy’ but that seems quite topical at present, so will just say we get to see Barbara in all her natural glory!

I have a few more negatives from this film, but unfortunately none showing anything more of Nicky, who seems to stop just short of showing anything down below!

6 thoughts on “Sitting Pretty with Barbara & Nicky

  1. Barbara has the most gorgeous boobs possibly (controversially perhaps) even better than the great June Palmer, don’t think so? check out the calendar photo in the link.


  2. These films were just a bit before my time, but the penny has just dropped. Am not entirely sure how long these films lasted for, but given that the frames per second must be in the lower double figures, and also given that the total length is only sixty feet, then the film must have been over rather quickly. Also at the cost of 40/- or two quid which was a weeks wages for most in the 1960’s then you hardly got much bang for your buck so to speak. Or am I missing something ?


    1. I think looking at the copies of the films I have the 65 feet reels were about 4 minutes long, which as you say isn’t very long indeed for the money you paid!


  3. This film is quite easy to download on the internet. Two wonderful ladies, just imagine these two in bed with you !
    According to Peter Henderson (Green Door) there was an uncensored version of the film, probably for the German market. Now that is ONE film that I would definitely like to see.


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