A Fireplace Fancy By Leslie Bainbridge

Another shot by Leslie Bainbridge, but this time an unknown perky blonde model posing by the fireplace. This comes from a set of 60 images of this young model posing in various locations around a house, including the leather armchair in the background. This fireplace and the armchair seem to be stand props for Bainbridge, as several of his models from sets I have posed in front of the fireplace and on the chair in different poses.

A very classical late 1960s model with a great figure, perky little tits and great arse all on view, and it would be nice to know who she was?

Terry’s Treasures – Jo O’Brien’s Perky Pair

Another model from the Terry Sparks stable, this time Jo O’Brien, taken in August 1978. I have 72 images of Jo from 6 contact sheets, with her posing topless as in this shot, with the odd fuller exposure if you know what I mean! Although Jo only has a small pair on her, she did seem to possess larger, darker areola with nice rounded button nipples than some of the other models that posed for Terry.

Sarah – Good Girl Gone Bad!

Another post from the Good Girls Gone Bad set, this time featuring a sweet young model known only as Sarah. What members see is the bad side of Sarah. Where she’s naked, showing off her tanned body, puffy tits and hairy pussy for the camera. These shots come from a set of 35 mm negatives taken at Jason Studio’s in the late 1960s and show Sarah in various stages of undress. Just love this model and her smile and body. 🙂

Glorious in the Garden

A glorious and vibrant colour shot of an unknown model posing in the garden amongst the roses. I have no idea who she is, but I’d guess it was taken late 1950s, and it could be Ewhurst. But then any decent garden back then could have looked like this, minus the naked model of course!

A stunning shot of vibrant colours that needed very little altering. The young model has a great figure with very firm up pointing tits and slender figure. Some may say too slim as you can see her ribs, but beauty as they say is in the eye of the beholder. 🙂

Sliding Into The Weekend!

Slipping into the weekend and the new site with a random shot from my collection. This beautiful oiled creature comes from an original 1980 35 mm colour slide. No name on the model, but it seems to come from Imperial Press and was taken by Jerome Bischoff. No idea who he was, but guessing both the model and photographer were US based?

A Ripping Unknown Model


Another new unknown model from a set of 35 mm negatives sent over by Paul from Firebird Records. In this small set, she’s posing topless in a pair of tight jeans that seem to be ripping at the seams. Another that I have no idea on name, although she’s very appealing to the eye with a great pair of tits with puffy nipples. Also, another model that likes to wear a headband similar to Eva Nieman, not sure if she’s wearing a wig though?

There are several sets of this model, including 3 of this set that members can see in the models’ gallery. I’ve also added her to the unknown models’ gallery, should anyone come up with a name for this beauty?

Terry’s Treasures – Jo O’Brien

A beautiful shot of Jo O’Brien taken in August 1978 by Terry Sparks. I have 72 images of Jo from 6 contact sheets, with this small set of her posing in white stockings on an armchair.

Sue Roberts – A Dark Puffy Pair!

A very colourful shot of Harrison Marks model Sue Roberts from a restored 35mm colour slide scanned and sent over from Paul at Firebird Records. Sue seems to pop up all over the place, as I have shots of her in GHM films Cous-Cous and Tutti Fruity, she posed, as in this shot at Jason Studio’s for I assume amateur and semi-professional photographers. I’ve also got a set of contact sheets of her by Reg Dines posing at a UK naturist camp! She sure got around!