Pretty in Pink Corset!

What’s not to like about this late 1950s colour glamour slide? Such a classical pose in fishnet stockings, pink corset and of course heels and a hat! The latest fashion and what every respectable woman needs to wear for her husband in the bedroom. 🙂

The Statuesque Nancy Roberts!

The fabulous figure and form of Nancy Roberts from an Esquire 35 mm colour slide. This has to be one of my favourite shots of Nancy from this slide set and is just stunning.

So slender and so elegant as she poses against that Elgin type column and statue 🙂

Annette Johnson – Another Look!

Another model that reinvented herself several times throughout her career was Annette Johnson. This shot from a restored 35 mm negative shows her from the late 1960s with shorter, darker hair than the platinum blonde look from her early career. Her figure also seems to be filling out now and that bosom expanding from a beautiful set of her posing next to a drinks bar in someone’s home.

A Flash from Val!

Three shots of a cheeky little flash from Val Van Dotson from restored 35 mm colour slides. I love the little red outfit, from the red panties to the little red négligée she is lifting to give us a flash of that slender figure! Not the most well-endowed model, but a nice little perky pair all the same. 🙂

A Red Dawn!

Another shot from my own collection of the dazzling Dawn Grayson from the ‘Dawn on Red‘ set of slides. She looks stunning as she kneels on all fours just keeping everything covered and unavailable. Sadly, this is the last 35 mm slide from this set I have, but I’m sure there must be more out there?

Dawn Grayson – Redhead on Red!

The start of a small set of original shots from my Dawn Grayson collection. This shot is one of four and comes direct from a scan of an original 35 mm Kodachrome slide (No.19) taken of Dawn in November 1965. The quality and colour of the slide are unbelievable for its age, with very little editing required on the colour or clarity, but the odd speck of dirt removed. In fact, all the slides I have from this set so far are all of the same good quality.

Now to the shot itself of Dawn, and what a fantastic shot it is! The contrasting reds in this shot, from Dawn’s lipstick, her red hair, the background colour and finally the red of the stool all make this shot stand out. Add in the naked pose of Dawn, with her small perky tits, and this is by far one of my favourite colour shots of her. Well, at least until I publish the next colour shot of her, then that one will no doubt be a favourite too! My collection of Dawn original negatives continues to grow and currently stands at well over 50 original shots of her. 🙂

Dawn Grayson – Perfect on Red

One of my favourite shots from a set of Dawn Grayson originals, where she is posing in front of a red curtained background. She looks stunning in this closer shot with her red hair pulled back, the red lipstick and small perky boobs contrasting perfectly with the background.

Dazzling Dawn

A third shot from my own collection of the dazzling Dawn Grayson from the ‘Dawn on Red‘ set of slides. She looks stunning in this closer side profile shot, with her the red lipstick and small perky boobs contrasting perfectly with the background.

Elizabeth Baker – Red Sock Spread!

It’s nearly the weekend, so thought I’d kick it off early with a rather risqué shot from my own collection of the 1970s ebony beauty Elizabeth Baker. You can’t beat a bit of her big black tits and thick dark pussy, and you get to see both in this 35 mm colour slide. I’m not too sure about the red socks, but hey she hasn’t got much on, so they are probably keeping her warm!

Christine & The Return of Readers Wives

The long overdue return of the Readers Wives section and Christine! Since I moved the website last year, the readers wives section has been on hiatus, but now it’s back! There is now a gallery for members to view all the readers wives and the views on offer, including Chris. I’ll be adding back more of our readers wives in the coming weeks, but new submissions are always welcome! 🙂