Kathy – Good Girl Gone Bad!

I have several sets of different models from the 1970s by Edmund Leja, Larry Caye and others that show sweet looking girls posing demurely dressed or topless at the start of the sets. But as the sets progress, it’s obvious these sweet young things aren’t as innocent as they look! So I thought I’d start a few posts of these sets entitle ‘Good Girls Gone Bad’ highlighting both the good and bad side of these girls!

First up is Kathy Willings by Edmund Leja, who looks very sweet and innocent in the first image, but soon shows her true colours and much more for the camera towards the end of the set.

Sigrid by Edmund

The beautiful and big busted Sigrid Bachman by Edmund Leja. Fabulous shot with the use of natural lighting from the window to show off Sigrid’s curves and big tits! From a set of original contact sheets featuring over 40 shots of her. 🙂

Karen – Good Girl Gone Bad!

The third post of the Good Girls Gone Bad set, this time featuring a very sunny outlook. This is Karen by Edmund Leja posing outdoors and enjoying the sun on her naked body and hairy pussy with a very sweet smile. What members see is the bad side of Karen, where she’s exposing a lot more of herself to the sun! Hope she put suntan cream on, as you don’t want to burn those bits! Fabulous shot of another good girl gone bad. 🙂

Members see all versions in the ‘older posts’ section.

Cynthia – Good Girl Gone Bad! (Original)

Another couple of photo’s from Edmund Leja that shows a sweet looking girl posing demurely dressed at the start of the set, but as the sets progress it’s obvious that things aren’t as sweet or innocent as they seem.

This is Cynthia Brennan by Edmund Leja, who looks very sweet and innocent posing on the bed smiling in the first image, but soon shows us a lot more of what lies beneath that smile in the second shot that subscribers see! She obviously was very young when these shots were taken, as there are two test shots of her holding up her driving licence proving her age, which is shown to be just 18! All I can say is that’s one developed 18 year old when you see all of her 🙂