Kamera Calendars

The first Harrison Marks glamour calendar seems to date back to 1955, and featured a photograph of Pamela Green. In October 1957 Kamera Publications advertised a colour calendar, which went into production in 1958 and consisted of a single photograph of Pamela Green, 2 ft. by 6 in. printed in full colour on high quality art paper with a tear-off calendar block. A series of similar calendars were produced each year well into the sixties and were often printed with a company name and were very popular with the motor and engineering trade.

From 1959 a smaller wall calendar with a colour photo for each month was also produced (see below). Harrison Marks claimed that sales of the ring-bound ‘Kamera Calendar’ became an annual phenomenon. The last ‘Kamera’ calendar produced was the one for 1968 , but a ‘Harrison Marks’ calendar was produced for 1969 and apart from the change of name, it was the same format as the 1968 one.

As the calendars were annual and much more disposable than the the magazines, they have today become very collectable with prices ranging from £20 -£100 and beyond depending on the condition.