Kamera Specials & Books

From the late 1950’s through until the late 1960’s Harrison Marks published a number of special editions of Kamera, normally 96 pages. These specials contained more of the mainstream photographs that couldn’t be fitted into the pages of Kamera. There were also other ‘Specials’ based on location, season or some of his most famous models.

As well as the specials, Harrison Marks also produced a number of hardback books, the first ‘Pamela’ was published by Luxor Press in 1955, preceding Marks’ own move into publishing by two years. Harrison Marks published his first hardback, ‘Kamera on Location’, in 1957, not long after Kamera magazine first reached the marketplace. Next was ‘Vera – The Study of a Beautiful Woman’ published by Kamera Publications in 1962, and featured the model and actress, Vera Day. Finally, he published ‘She Walks in Beauty’, his final hardback in 1964.

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Kamera Specials

Kamera Books