June Palmer in All Creamed Up! (Video)

Now for a treat with some rare never before seen footage of June Palmer from a Super 8 homemade video. Shot by partner Arthur Howell, it features an older June in black stockings and panties posing in one of her bedrooms and beds and shall we say moisturizing herself! I leave the rest to your imaginations and for you to watch, but what a great, unique film of June.

I’d guess looking at June and her fuller figure, the date to be the late 70s, but that’s purely a guess based on other films and images I’ve seen on her around that time? There was no actual title to the film, but the clapper board at the beginning says scene 2, so maybe there was more than this scene. So I’ve added an appropriate title to the film. πŸ™‚

The film and additional music were provided by John W and his growing June Palmer film archive. I’m always grateful and pleasantly surprised when he sends through new finds such as this, so enjoy the film and let me know what you think?

This video and several others are now available in the members area

Caroline by Paul (Readers Wives)

Time for a repost of a submission to the readers wives section, this time the stunning Caroline by member Paul McQ. Paul contacted me with a selection of shots of Caroline from back in the 80s taken at various locations with his Polaroid, 110 and then moving onto a Canon A1. This and other he sent are scans of actual photo’s and back then it wasn’t so easy to produce photo’s of this type without taking the negatives to a specialist developer or risking it through Boots! πŸ™‚

A stunning set of photo’s that members get to see fully, including more of Caroline’s body and bush, and she even modelled for Knave magazine’s Beautiful Beginners feature in 1981. Thanks to Paul for the fabulous photo’s and hope you all enjoy. πŸ™‚

Just Hanging About!

No idea who the model is, but it seems to be late 1970s or 80s based on the model and hairstyle. They are from a set of contact sheets, but the quality was far better than normal. The model looks familiar but no idea really who she is, but maybe that was what attracted me to the shots, or maybe other things. πŸ˜‰

Thanks to a kind member for identifying the modal as US model Pam McGiven πŸ™‚

Sliding Into The Weekend!

Slipping into the weekend and the new site with a random shot from my collection. This beautiful oiled creature comes from an original 1980 35 mm colour slide. No name on the model, but it seems to come from Imperial Press and was taken by Jerome Bischoff. No idea who he was, but guessing both the model and photographer were US based?

Cling Film Cheri!

A rather interesting use of cling film in this shot! 1970s US busty model Cheri Pinegar wrapping those massive tits in cling film. Hoping to keep them fresh when unwrapped later. πŸ™‚

Members can view and download a larger image in the member’s area here

Venturing into Anna!

For some reason, I have a collection of slides and images of the 1980s porn star Anna Ventura. Most of them are 35 mm slides I just picked because I like them, such as this one.

A rather nice open view of Anna sat on the arm of a red leather armchair! πŸ™‚

Members can view and download a larger image in the member’s area here

June Palmer – Lick & Squeeze!

A new shot of a mature June Palmer from a set of 35 mm black and white negatives. Taken in the 1980s it’s a different shot of June attempting to lick her nipples as she squeezes her tits together. A more interactive pose you could say compared to the typical glamour poses she was renowned for!

Busty in White

I bought this set of 35mm negatives several years ago and never really published them. Not because I didn’t like them, but just that they are more modern than the majority of the content on here.

I think they are from the 1980’s and obviously feature a very busty model in white top and fishnet stockings. Some shots are good, such as the first one of her sitting with a hint of pussy showing. I also like the shots of her leaning forward with those big tits hanging πŸ™‚

Different but worth a share from the collection and if members want copies please let me know.

Lisa – All Freckles & Tits!

Another shot of legendary 1980’s Porn actress Lisa De Leeuw. And a shot from part of a large collection of original contact sheets I purchased and there was a whole section of harder content, including some familiar faces and bodies. That included over 90 images of Lisa, most of which are more revealing than this shot, but why not share πŸ™‚

Plenty of freckles in this shot, as they seem to pretty much cover her arms and other places

Members can view and download a larger image here

June Palmer – Red Stocking Reveal

A step back to the beginning of the β€˜Red Stocking Stripβ€˜ set of images featuring a mature June Palmer.

This shows June stood in the studio wearing slightly more than the other shots in the set. We still get a great view of June’s mature body, including her fuller tits and a view of her hairy pussy.  As the strip progresses, June loses the waistcoat, followed by the scarf until all that is left are the red stockings, which remain firmly in place throughout the series of shots.

Members can view this full set of June here