Dawn Grayson – A Cheeky Little One!

Time for one of my favourite shots from a set of Dawn Grayson originals, where she is posing in front of a red curtained background. She looks stunning in this closer cropped shot with her typical wavy red hair, red lipstick, small perky boobs and a rather cheeky little look contrasting perfectly with the red background.

Wanda Liddell – All That Shines!

Wanda Liddell from a restored 35mm colour slide and part of a small set I have of Wanda on this very shiny set!

Lots going on in this shot of Wanda from her wig to the black PVC outfit and pink contrasting négligée, or you may be distracted by her figure, thick pussy or silver background, but all with a great smile. What I noticed in this shot and others is she also had a nasty scar going down from her belly button stopping just above her pubic area, with it more noticeable in some shots?

Kerry Scott – A Minor Adjustment!

1960’s UK model Kerry Scott from a restored 35 mm colour slide sent over by Paul from Firebird records. Nice to see a bit of colour in this shot, especially Kerry’s Basque as she adjusts her suspender belt. I have several shots of Kerry on this set, although I have no idea where it was. Various other models posed with this reflective background, including June Palmer and Monique Devereux, so it could have Strobe or Scottlee Studio’s?

Annette Johnson – Buxom, Bushy & Brunette

Another shot of Annette Johnson from a set of 8 restored 35 mm colour slides taken in the late 1970s. I’ve already posted one such shot from this set here, but this shot of Annette shows her with long brunette hair, a much fuller figure than in her early career and the hint of a nice thick bush down below.

June Palmer – A Return to The Office!

A return to work and the office with June Palmer from the set of ‘June in the Office’. This time an original restored 35 mm colour slide from my collection. Taken in 1971 you get a great view of a topless June in red panties and just a hint of bush! Loving the red phone and typewriter in the background. 🙂

Annette Johnson – Frills All the Way!

An older Annette Johnson from a restored 35 mm colour slide taken in the late 1970s, early 80s. This comes from a set of 8 slides I have of Annette, showing her with long brunette hair and a much fuller figure than in her early career. Loving the pout on her face and the white frilly knickers she has on. She may be older in this shot, but she still had the curve appeal. 🙂

Christine – A More Revealing View (Readers Wives)

After several requests from members, I’m going to slowly re-introduce the ‘Readers Wives’ section. I’ll start with a few of the older posts and then if there is renewed interest maybe some new stuff?

Starting with Christine by member Caligula, and a more revealing view! A superb shot of Chris posing in a long black sheer négligée with one knee up, allowing the négligée to fall open. Not only does it allow a better view of her figure, but also a glimpse of her hairy pussy.

Although not obvious in this shot, Cali mentioned that Chris kept things trimmed down there rather than letting it grow naturally. So she had a little mound of hair that he rather enjoyed, whatever that means!

Thanks as always to Cali for allowing me to share such a wonderful and revealing shot of Chris 🙂

Sliding Into The Weekend!

Slipping into the weekend and the new site with a random shot from my collection. This beautiful oiled creature comes from an original 1980 35 mm colour slide. No name on the model, but it seems to come from Imperial Press and was taken by Jerome Bischoff. No idea who he was, but guessing both the model and photographer were US based?

Venturing into Anna!

For some reason, I have a collection of slides and images of the 1980s porn star Anna Ventura. Most of them are 35 mm slides I just picked because I like them, such as this one.

A rather nice open view of Anna sat on the arm of a red leather armchair! 🙂

Members can view and download a larger image in the member’s area here

Sue Roberts – A Nice Little Bench Warmer!

Sue Roberts, posing on what looks like an old school bench from a restored 35 mm colour slide. I love this colour shot of her laying on the bench, showing off her fabulous figure and those small perky tits and those dark puffy nipples. Similar to this shot from the same set.

Members can view and download a larger image in the member’s area here