The Many Dimensions of Tina

A very different view of Tina Graham for today and the model of the week. Time to get your old red/cyan 3D glasses out and enjoy Tina in full 3D glory. This is a particularly good one with Tina standing out from the bed and then the roses really coming out at you from the screen.

I must say her tits and body look pretty good in 3D too šŸ˜‰

Tina Graham on The Doorstep in 3D

It’s been ages since I posted a 3D image, so to rectify that here is one of the lovely Tina Graham (Christine Carter). Ā This one shows off the lovely figure of Tina sat on the doorstep of the cottage at Ewhurst Manor with those long legs and tits popping out at you in glorious 3D!

Tina Madison in the 3D Garden!

It’s been a while since my last 3D shot, so here are two of Tina Madison posing nude in the garden. Ā The garden in question could well be in the grounds of Ewhurst as the other 3D shots of her also seem to be taken there!
The top shot is by far the better quality shot when it comes to the 3D!

More June in 3D

What better way to start the day than with June Palmers magnificent chest in all it’s glory and in 3D as well! This is another original JP image taken by John W and converted into 3D. Ā Some images and poses just lend themselves to be in 3D and this is one of them!

Note: This is an original image and subject to thisĀ copyright notice, but can be shared as long as the image remains unaltered andĀ this website is acknowledged as the source.