Ann Day – Brush & Bush!

A colourful view of the very well-endowed Ann Day by Harrison Marks. A great side view of Ann showing off her big tits, long dark hair and equally dark thick bush! A shot of Ann with the same brush also appears on the cover of Kamera No.87 (1968)

A girl that was well-endowed in every department and a brush was probably needed to keep all her hair under control 😉

Ann Day – Not So Transparent!

The buxom beauty that is Ann Day by Harrison Marks. Posing in a short sheer negligee that only just covers her hairy pussy below. Both her big tits and pussy are just visible, but hide things just enough through that sheer material.

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Ann Day – Just Hanging Around!

Another original 35 mm colour negative from a large set of negatives featuring Ann Day. It appears to be taken on the same set as the Maria Frost shots here, but with different furniture as the orange sofa has been replaced with a red one, but the flooring below the rug is the same.

What you can’t miss is Ann’s rather large pair of tits as she sits backwards on that chair with them hanging down over the backrest. Ann was definitely one of the more curvy models from the late 1960s period, with her big tits and full bush, but a great shot of her as I don’t have many to share, but a few more now. 🙂

Ann Day – An Even Bigger Set! (Original)



This shot of Ann Day originally appeared towards the end of Kamera and it’s run, appearing in Kamera No.87 (1968). The published image was a much tighter crop than this original scan from the negative. This wider shot gives you a better sense of Ann’s figure, but her tits still look huge, plus you get a better, more clearer view of them here, than from the magazine! The biggest set of tits to appear in Kamera, does she beat Paula Page?


Note: This is an image from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Ann Day – Kamera No.87

More of Ann Day and her big boobs from Kamera No.87 (1968).  My copy of this magazine arrived today and for 45 years old it is in almost immaculate condition, I’d actually say this copy hasn’t been distributed as it has no creases or marks anywhere!  The colour images are perfect with no fading at all and all for the bargain cost of £4 including postage! This is the final image in the magazine on page 48 and one that shows Ms Days perfect big tits!

More of Kamera No.87 and Ann Days tits to come …