Dawn & Rita – A Delicious Duo!

The delicious duo of Dawn Grayson and Rita Schondale from a set of 35 mm negatives. Taken on 20th September 1966 at Jason Studio’s this is a fabulous shot of the two women. Rita has the more curvy figure and was married with children. Whereas Dawn has the more slender frame and smaller tits. Both models were just normal housewives that did a bit of modelling on the side, although Dawn was more famous than Rita.

I love the contrast of the two models and their figures in this shot. Dawn looks especially stunning looking directly at the camera and as elegant as ever. 🙂

Dawn & Cindy – Ready to Pose

I love duo’s and trio’s of models posing together, and here is a perfect duo in the shapely form of Dawn Grayson and Cindy Neal. From an original strip of 35 mm black and white negative, this was shot at the Norland Astoria Studio in 1967 of the two girls.

Both look fabulous sat on the sofa as they prepare to pose for the camera. Unfortunately, this is the last image I have in my collection of these two.

Members can view and download a larger image here

Marie Claire – Kamera Calendar April 1966/2022

Continuing my monthly posts of my updated images of the 1966 Kamera calendar. April features a rarely used model by Harrison Marks in the shapely form of Marie Claire. A very elegant pose sat naked at the dressing table with just a bow in her hair. A great way to start April. 🙂

Members can view and download a larger image here

The Luscious Lorraine Bishop – Mayfair Vol.14 No.4

It’s been a while since I’ve posted from one of my favourite magazines, so time for some Mayfair magazine deliciousness! This time it’s Lorraine Bishop by John Allum from Mayfair Vol.14 No.4 (April 1979) and her beautiful body and thick lush bush. She appeared in all her glory in 10 images across 6 pages of this edition.

Oh, the memories of Mayfair in the 70s and the big full on bushes like Lorraine’s, not everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure brings back some vivid memories from my teen years!

Tiffany’s Kinky Boots (1968)


Just loving this shot of Tiffany St. Clair (Pam Arnold) from Fiesta Vol.2 No.2 (April 1968) in those shiny black high boots! What a view as she sits on the dressing table looking at you from the reflection in the mirror.

Cheryl Peters – Girl Illustrated Souvenir Edition No.1

Since when did I start doing requests 😉  Anyway not a model that posed for GHM, but still from the 1960’s and appeared in the usual publications from that time, so why not!  I’m becoming quite a fan of Girl Illustrated as the quality of the magazine and full page images were exceptional! These shots come from the GI Souvenir Edition No.1 (April 1969), where Cheryl was Souvenir Study No.7 and what a nice study!