Brenda Graham โ€“ Blonde Ambition

Brenda Graham from an original medium format negative posing naked in an armchair. Looking good in nothing more than a smile and with a very classical 1960s blonde hairstyle. She looks perfectly at home sitting in that armchair like that!

Vicky Ashley โ€“ Pearls & Chains

A restored version of a print of Vicky Ashley taken by Leslie Bainbridge for Health & Efficiency. Fabulous view of her sat in that armchair, wearing pearls and a chain belt, subtly highlighting her smooth neat pussy.

Chere Unrobed!

The Stunning Chere taken by Harrison Marks relaxing in an armchair in his flat in a robe that’s barely staying closed. Another model that briefly posed for GHM in January 1966 and photos of her appear in Kamera No.73 & 74.

This shot was published in Kamera No.74 P32 (1966) and was only 1 of 3 shots that appeared of her in the white dressing gown, of which I have 2 of the 3 shots. A stunning body, great eyes and very pretty face that reminds me slightly of Barbara Halks ๐Ÿ™‚

Robyn’s Tiptoe Tease

Another shot of the lovely Robyn Daye by Terry Sparks from my collection of original restored contact sheets. This time a rearview of her pulling down her black panties. ๐Ÿ™‚

Terry’s Treasures โ€“ Jo O’Brien

A beautiful shot of Jo Oโ€™Brien taken in August 1978 by Terry Sparks. I have 72 images of Jo from 6 contact sheets, with this small set of her posing in white stockings on an armchair.

Sylvia McFarland – Everything That’s Good! (Original)

I thought I’d post a shot from one of the the other sheets that I’ve already edited. A fantastic shot of Sylvia laying back naked in an armchair that for some reason makes those big tits of hers look even bigger! A beautiful view of everything that’s good about Sylvia ๐Ÿ™‚


Marie Provost – Saggy Around The Seams! (Original)

A classic shot from the 1960’s of Marie Provost posing in stockings and high heels perched on the side of an armchair. Marie also had a classic beehive hairstyle in most of her shots and this comes from a set of original contact sheets featuring Marie sent over by Kevin. She needs to pull those stockings taught as they are a bit saggy around the seams!

Gloria Lomax- Open & Glorious!

Beneath the blonde wig and gloriously naked and exposed is none other than Gloria Lomax from a restored 10 by 8 print published by Russell Gay. Kneeling beside the armchair with all her charms on show, this is the second shot from this set of Gloria, the first one here. I love this set, but alas only have the two shots, but always on the hunt for more. ๐Ÿ™‚

Vera Novak – Laid Back in Black! (Original)



Vera Novak from an original negative posing on an armchair and leaning back to show off her fabulous stockinged legs, black panties and fancy suspender belt. A very nice small pair of pert tits on show, as well as the beehive hairstyle ๐Ÿ™‚

Dawn Grayson – Pick Of The Pin-ups! (1970)



Dawn Grayson looking rather sexy with her hair up on the cover of Beautiful Britons No.178. I’ve seen several shots of Dawn in this underwear and wearing her hair like that, but for some reason I like this painted cover version better. A great smile as she leans against the side of the armchair as well.