Nicky Stevens – Boots on the Bed!

Today’s shot from model of the week Nicky Stevens. This time a topless view of her as she stands on the bed in stockings, panties and a white boot! This is from a medium format negative in my collection, but the photographer is unknown, but the location is a bedroom at Ewhurst. That bed is well known and appears in numerous photos of models, and I have no doubt it was well-used as well.

No idea why Nicky only has one boot off, as this is the only shot from this set. She’s either doing a strip and taking it off or putting it on. Either way, my mum would have killed her for standing on the bed in boots! Mind you, that would be the least of my worries if my mum walked in and found Nicky like that on my bed. 🙂

An Exciting Model!

An unknown European model by Serge Jacques from the mid 1960s. The shot comes from a set of contact sheets featuring this model in several sets, but all in stockings and this typical SJ pose. She also appears on the cover of Exciting No.8 and pages within, including a tri-fold colour centre spread!

Having all these contact sheets by Serges Jacques I’ve been after publications featuring his work for a while now. As you will have seen from this post I’ve managed to get hold of a few magazines, including Exciting No.8 featuring the model above. She has a fabulous slender figure and typical hairy pussy from that period in Europe, but no name unless anyone can ID her?

One for Billboard as well as he requested a shot of this beautiful model 🙂

June & Jutka – Bizarre Beauties!

A fabulous article from Bizarre Magazine in the 1960s featuring the two classic beauties June Palmer & Jutka Goz in leather & PVC! The article below is 10 pages full of June and Jutka in leather and PVC outfits, including corsets, stockings, and boots.

An interesting observation on my part is that in several shots you can see a square like shelf in the background on the wall. As a kid I had two of the exact same shelves, also with cars on, and I’m pretty sure I still have them somewhere. Unfortunately, I didn’t have either June or Jutka in my bedroom to accompany the shelves 🙂

Virginia Jones – Bedside Beauty (Original)





Two colour shots of Eve Davis Virginia Jones restored from a couple of 35mm slides sent over by Paul from Firebird London. Taken in the early 1970’s I love the contrast of Virginia’s red underwear against electric blue headboard and purple bedspread. Although Virginia did pose for Harrison Marks, I’m not sure if these shots were taken by him, but still another great perky pair from her, pushed up in that low cut bra.

Thanks to Arty for identifying the model as Virginia Jones, Not Eve Davis 🙂


Note: These are original images and subject to this copyright notice

1960’s Boots & Bush!



There’s so much going on in this shot I don’t know where to start, so I’ll just state the obvious. Great shot of an unknown model in open blouse and boots showing off a great bush. Not sure if those are stero speakers each side of her, but they sure seem to be?

Nicky Stevens – Kamera Calendar, November 1968


Out of sync with my other 1968 Kamera Calendar posts, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me! The November page of the 1968 Kamera Calendar featuring Nicky Stevens in the snow with nothing more than white boots, hat and hand warmer to protect her from the elements!
Don’t forget today is the last UK postal day for all your 2nd class post if you want people to get it before Xmas! What a service I provide, nude women, witty banter and public service announcements 🙂