June Palmer – November 83 Looked a Good Month!

A fantastic bit of memorabilia! It’s the November page of the 1983 calendar from Duplex Communications and features a fabulous shot of a mature June Palmer basking naked in the sun on the sea edge. I don’t know if this was actually taken in 83 or earlier, but it’s definitely a more mature June with fuller figure.

I remember seeing this type of calendar in workshops and garages back in the day, before it became sexist and started causing offence! They seemed to be everywhere, and can remember there being several up around the garage workshop where my dad worked, plus a huge pile of discarded ones in the corner. Just imagine what those calendars would go for now, especially the good ones like Pirelli, Snap-on Tools and Dunlop. Oh, for a time machine so I could go back and collect up all those discarded ones in a box to keep for now. 🙂

Pamela Green – Desiree, Study From Life (Original)

Pamela Green posing on what appears to be a photo from a late 1950’s. Well actually it’s not a photo as such, but is mounted on card with a die cut surround. The surface of the photo has been coated and has a textured surface to make it look like an oil painting, but that doesn’t show on this image. It also has a ribbon attached to the top for hanging and was obviously meant for a calendar? The image measures 9½”x 6½” and presumably published by Bemrose of Derby.

It also has a signature of the photographer on it in the bottom right and that looks to be Joan Craven, which would make sense as she took many pictures of a young Pamela Green in her early days and I think this is a rather nice shot!

A Hampshire Rose (1967)

A perky little shot of Britt Hampshire sent through by Terry from the 1967 Hall & Hall Calendar. Beautiful outdoors shot and as Terry says Britt came from Fleet in Hampshire hence the adopted surname. So another model and another adopted Pseudonym.

Gloria Lomax – The Calendar Girl! (Original)

Gloria Lomax posing nude on a Tiger skin rug for a 1960’s calendar shot by Terry Sparks. Terry couldn’t remember the exact details of this shoot with Gloria but remembers that the calendar was fora company called Hall & Hall.

The Perfect Pamela Pose! (Original)

Just when you thought seen everything, something else pops in to your mailbox that makes you stop and stare and this was one of those images. A fantastic image of Pamela Green in a perfect pose, perched on a column by Harrison Marks one assumes.

Thanks to Simon for sending it through and adding some context around the image as it’s one I’ve never come across. It was used on a single image calendar back in the 1950’s (1957 I think), the type that had a company’s name branded on it. I saw a few of these on eBay some months back and they appeared to be banner size and quite long, with the branding at the top and the calendar part below the image. Very rare and they went for more than I could afford! Anyone seen or know of any other of these type of calendars, not just Pamela?

Still an absolutely stunning image of Pam and as a redhead and not Rita. It seems she went through a redhead phase in the late 1950’s as I’m finding more and more of her as a redhead with both short and long hair.