Lesley From Leicester! (1981)



I just love these double page spreads of Lesley Cooper from Escort Vol.1 No.6 (June 1981). The first shot is the wrap round cover of the magazine and the second the centre page spread, so to speak! Obviously there was a limit on how far you could go in the likes of Escort, but Lesley did the harder stuff as well and can be seen here from Whitehouse showing much more!

Y is for Yamille (Xmas Calendar)



This was a difficult letter to cover for the calendar, but there were a few options, but in the end I went for the centre pages of Kamera No.48 (1962) featuring Yamille. So Phil was correct with Yamille, but I also had a Nicole Yearner shot ready, but went with Yamille in the end.

Finally, this isn’t the hardest letter to do, anyone got suggestions for the letter i?

Julie Jordan – Carnival (July 1965)



From the centre pages of Carnival Magazine (July 1965) we have a very sexy looking Julie Jordan (Sandy Lydon) lying on a Tiger skin rug. Looking far more attractive than some of the Harrison Marks shots I’ve seen, she also had a very small perky pair of boobs and very slender figure compared to some of the other models.

Lorraine Burnett – Kamera No.39 (1961)

I love this set of Lorraine Burnett and her short blonde hair and there are plenty of shots of her posing like this throughout Kamera No.39 (1961). I’ve already published a couple of black and white shots from this shoot of Lorraine on the ‘Dressing Room’ set, but those appeared as re-prints in ‘Just Lorraine Burnett’ by Nostalgia Publications. This is the first shot from the central pages of Kamera No.39 itself.
Some nice props hanging up in the background and the long black negligee looks very familiar 🙂

All Bubbly With Avra (1961)

I decided I needed some colour in my posts today, so what better way than with Avra Bennett from Kamera No.37 (1961). Taken by Harrison Marks and one of the two colour centre page shots, Avra appears through-out Kamera No.37 in various poses in and out this tub and around the boudoir.

Marilyn Monroe – Fiesta Magazine, July 1957

Not my normal post, but one I couldn’t resist! I’m a big Marilyn Monroe fan and I used to post images of her on an old blog, but there are so many images out there of her I got a little bored! I came across these shots and hadn’t seen them before and they were in an early Fiesta Magazine (July 1957), along with some other of my favourite models.  Anyway I loved the classic cover and her as the centrefold, so decided to post on here for a change 🙂


June in June! (1957)

June Simpson featuring on the cover and inside pages of Fiesta Magazine (June 1957), including the double page centrefold. These shots have June with short cropped blonde hair, rather than the more familiar long blonde curls when she posed for Harrison Marks.

Virginia Green in Full Length Colour!

Virginia Green in full colour from the centre pages of Model No.14 by Russell Gay. This was a tri-fold spread across 3 pages carefully stitched together for your viewing pleasure. What an absolutely fantastic curvy figure Virginia had and on view here, apart from the retouching of the nether regions a perfect shot!