Sitting Pretty with Sonia!

A topless view of Sonia Mitchell by Terry Sparks. From a collection of contact sheets from Terry, this was taken in 1969 and the model is probably better known as Terry Graham.

A great pose and love the textured panties and socks and the very sophisticated over the shoulder hairstyle. A cracking shot of Sonia/Terry. 🙂

Sultry Suki

Another shot from a set of 35 mm black and white negatives of a model only known as Suki. Taken at Criterion studio’s in 1979 it’s from a strip of 5 photos of Suki posing in a popular rattan type basket chair.

Suki trying to look sultry as she sits legs slightly apart in the chair in her pulled up striped socks and not much else.

Mirrored Maureen!

Maureen Stokes from another 35 mm black and white negatives taken at Jason Studio’s in the 1960s. Much more on view as she stands there against the mirror in black suspender belt and fishnet stockings. She’s not got much in the tits department, but makes up for it down below!

Not a bad afternoon’s work from Maureen and her big hooped earrings. 🙂

Angela Lane – Chain Reaction

A second shot of Angela Lane from 1968 taken at Jason studio’s.

I just love the ways she is posing in that armchair, legs apart, but things being partially cover by that chain skirt contraption. Loving the attitude on her face as she poses, as well as the white tan lines highlighting her small tit and thick bush! 😉

A Knowing Sylvia!

Another shot from my collection of Sylvia McFarland images. This comes from a set of Sylvia posing on a rug in a living room setting. She has a very knowing look in this shot as she kneels there with her legs open, showing off her dark thick bush and big tits!

A gallery full of Sylvia images new and old will be coming shortly for all members! 😉

June Palmer – Another Sheer Delight

The elegantly posed June Palmer, sat on a chair in sheer négligée, giving us a side view. The sheer fabric allows us just a glimpse of her body below and a hint of boob! 🙂

A Smoking Cover Girl!

Another new beautiful model by Serge Jacques. This model comes from an original set of contact sheets featuring two sets of shots. One posing around a house like above, the other in the studio.

A cracking open leg view as she sits there looking at the camera smoking a cigarette in heels, stockings, and open long négligée.

Alice Arno – Fully Exposed

The beautiful Alice Arno by Serge Jacques. Alice modelled during the mid 1960s and 70s, appearing in several publications, including Girls Illustrated, Girls of the World and of course Cover Girls and Exciting. Another fuller length shot from this set showing her posing in a white raincoat, stockings, and high heels with very little else. 🙂

Suki’s Stripy View


Another shot from a random set of 35 mm black and white negatives of a model only known as Suki. Taken at Criertion studio’s in 1979 it’s a strip of 5 photos of Suki posing in a popular rattan type basket chair. For some reason I think the chair is red and white stripes, but no idea why other than I may have seen a similar chair in colour.

Suki looks fabulous in her pulled up striped socks and scarf, all highlighting her body and hairy pussy as she sits with her legs crossed but open enough to tease. Another model I’ve not come across before other than this set, but one I rather like. 🙂

Boots & Bum!

A cracking rear view of a Serge Jacques model showing off her boots and bum! No name for this model, but I have her down as Cover Girl Model No.756 in my list of Serge models, which is coming soon.

I love the way she’s posing on this chair, looking over her shoulder with just a glimpse of one tit showing. Jacques seemed to like his models posing in boots and stockings, as I have several other models posing that way. I’ll post a few more anon. 🙂

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