Dawn Grayson – The Look!

Another new Dawn Grayson shot from an original medium format negative and what a stunner it is!

Kneeling forward in an armchair, she looks seductively at the camera wearing nothing more than black panties, stockings, and suspender belt. The positioning of the arms allows her small perky tits to point outwards, perfectly framed. The look alone is enough to send most men into a cold sweat!

Audrey Judson – A Topless Tease!

The vastly underrated and under used Audrey Judson (Kim Courtney) from an original 35 mm negative.

Audrey was photographed by Harrison Marks on the set of The Naked World in 1965 and seven of the photos appeared in Kamera No.69 & No.70. Another two were published, one in Femme No.9 and the other in Kamera Special No.5 and an uncensored shot in Nouvelle Serie De Revue No.65. Audrey also played a part as a flapper in the 1920s gangster sequence of the feature film, ‘The Naked World of Harrison Marks’ (1966).

Annette Johnson – Another Look!

Another model that reinvented herself several times throughout her career was Annette Johnson. This shot from a restored 35 mm negative shows her from the late 1960s with shorter, darker hair than the platinum blonde look from her early career. Her figure also seems to be filling out now and that bosom expanding from a beautiful set of her posing next to a drinks bar in someone’s home.

Gillian’s Boating Beauties!

Another sheer exposure of Gillian Hanna showing off her assets onboard a cruiser on the Thames from a set of 35 mm negatives! Gillian was better known later in her career as Jennifer Eccles when she went on to do the more explicit stuff, but I love this set of her.

Coloured To Perfection!

3 perfectly coloured images of some of my favourite Harrison Marks models, Ann Austin, Lorraine Burnett and of course June Palmer. I saw these posted over on Twitter by user RetroChroma and started to follow him as he adds new coloured images. He has over 800 images to date and cleverly adds the original black and white version in the image somewhere.

Go follow him over on Twitter for more coloured images, as a different take on some old glamour images. 🙂

Dawn Grayson – Beautiful Britons No.122 Cover (1966)



Dawn Grayson on the cover of Beautiful Britons No.122 published by Toco. I’m really not quite sure why they tended to enhance the images on the covers of some editions like this, where it seems the image has been given a painted cartoon effect? On this version they seem to have enhanced the blue of Dawn’s eyes and made her red hair look almost grey! Not really complaining, after all it’s still Dawn 🙂


June’s Off The Shoulder Look! (Original)



A third shot of June in front of a black velvet background with her long white negligee hanging down around her arms, exposing her perfect tits.  This was from a Kodachrome Transparency dated September, 1963 and comes from a set of images, some of which I’ve already posted here


Note: This image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.

June Palmer – A Touch of Class, Part 2! (Original)



The second shot from this set of slides that I’ve published, but this one comes from my own collection of JP slides and is a closer cropped shot than the first one posted here. Another stunning pose from June sat in front of a black velvet background with her long white negligee hanging down around her arms, exposing her perfect tits. This was from a Kodachrome Transparency and was slide No.11 dated September, 1963


Note: This image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.

June’s Fireplace Fancy (Original)





Two shots of June posing in front of a familiar fireplace in black underwear. I think this must either be a well used set or more likely a room used by June and Arthur Howell, as I’ve seen other shots of June posing in front of this fireplace with the same props, electric fire, sheepskin rug and same ornaments and clock on the mantel. I also have this of original images of Terry Graham posing in the same location. Thanks to John for these two shots of June.



Two shots for members only that give you a wider shot, showing more of the room, including the full fireplace and bookcase to the right. you will also see the rapier swords on the wall, that have been seen in other shots of June on the wall, and in use. Again giving it credence that the images were taken by Arthur Howell at Strobe or home?[/member]


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

June Palmer as Calamity June (Original)



Thanks to JAS, who sent through this brilliant scan of June from the box image of the 8mm cine film of ‘Calamity June’. This was by Arthur Howell under the Strobe Films banner and was Strobe Films No.1 and the colour 8mm version. JAS also sent through a complete scan of the box as well, but it needs some tidying up, so will post that later, but I wanted to share the image now. A superb shot of Junr in cowboy hat and gun holster, but be careful you don’t shoot too soon 😉