Thelma by Doug Burn

An original scan of a medium format negative of Thelma by Doug Burn from the 1950s.  Thelma was another lesser known Harrison Marks model that appeared for him in Kamera No.4, 5, 9 and No.11 (Cover) in 1957/58, then seems to have disappeared? It now looks like she did some other modelling in the 50s for other photographers as well.

This was sent over by Tim, a contact who has a collection of 1950s negatives by Doug Burn including Thelma, Lorraine Burnett, June Russell and other models and actresses from that period. Interestingly, the index card for Thelma also has the name Bahia Ali, so another different name. Tim is also selling his negatives over on eBay, so go take a look here. 🙂

June Russell – A Look of Class!

The elegant June Russell, posing on a leopardskin rug in the studio. Wearing just panties and an open blouse with the collar pulled up. I don’t know why, but she looks so elegant and extremely sexy in this shot without really showing anything. Although, you do get just a hint of bosom!

An original photo taken in the studio by photographer Doug Burn in the 50s.