More of The Marvelous Sylvia McFarland (Original)

I had a request for some more of the marvellous Sylvia McFarland, so I’m posting another original shot from this set of her showing off her pearls! Mind you she’s showing off a lot more than just her pearls in this shot, including her big tits and an open legged view of her thick dark hairy pussy. Nothing subtle about this shot and you either love it or you don’t 🙂


Sylvia McFarland – Full Bodied Beauty (Original)



A pleasant diversion from the norm in shape of Sylvia McFarland, another of my favourite ebony beauties from the 1970’s, with the most massive set of boobs on her! Sylvia and Roberta Pedon must be two of my favourite really big-titted models from the 70’s! There are lots of images out there of Sylvia, some of which don’t show off her assets or her in the best light, but this shot is one of the better ones, as she lays on the sofa, drink in hand. I also have a second shot from this set, at a much wider angle where you get to see Sylvia’s full on glorious thick bush, that is hinted at in this shot.

Thanks to Kevin for sharing these original shots of Sylvia and stirring my interest in her again, in more than one way 🙂


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