Maria Frost – Doorway Desire

A stunning view of Maria Frost posing outside the cottage door at Ewhurst Manor in 1969, wearing nothing more than a pair of sunglasses! Taken by Harrison Marks I have very few shots of Maria from this set and the only shot I’ve seen published is a fuller shot to this published in New Kamera No.1 (1969). 

Ann Wilson – What a View!

A delicious view of Ann Wilson by Harrison Marks, taken in 1965. Taken at the top of the stairs in Ewhurst Manor, not only do we get a full length view of Ann’s figure and smoothly shaven pussy, but also the spectacular window behind her. Although I’m sure the view of Ann is more appealing than the view out the window! Thanks to Kevin for sending across this great shot of Ann from his collection.

Margaret Nolan – A Slight Adjustment

Margaret Nolan adjusting a stocking from a scanned 10 by 8 print. Taken in the entrance/drawing room at Ewhurst Manor on one of the two benches in the room. Margaret looks fairly young in this shot, and it may have been taken by Harrison Marks?

A great view of Margaret’s figure and what looks to be a hint of hair down below, but not much 😉

Depilated Dawn

The stunning Dawn Grayson leaning against a tree in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor, taken by Harrison Marks. This original shot shows off her naked figure to perfection, including an uncensored view of her very tidy and depilated mons pubis.

The published version of this shot, and very badly censored I may add, appeared in Solo No.43 P45 (1964)

Lisa Hamilton – Driveway Delight

A sunny shot of Lisa Hamilton by Harrison Marks posing in the garden at Ewhurst Manor. This is a great colour shot of Lisa, and that’s the front driveway at Ewhurst in the background.

Most of the shots I have of Lisa were taken all at the same time in the grounds of Ewhurst, either alone or posing with Dawn Grayson, around 1967. A great solo shot of her leaning on the sun lounger, and what a nice profile of her slender figure.

Members can view and download a larger image here

More Than Just The Roses Are Out!

The beautiful Jane Steadman giving us a flash out in the garden. A very sunny shot taken in the gardens of Ewhurst Manor by Harrison Marks. I love the way Jane is posing with her shirt open and her small pert tits poking out. 🙂

Members can view and download a larger image here

Ann Walker – Sunny Outlook

Ann Walker posing in the sun near the cottage at Ewhurst Manor. Ann had various hairstyles over her career and when posing for Harrison Marks, but this was one of the shortest styles. A great view of her sun-drenched body, with those tits casting a great shadow.

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Elizabeth Flynn – Another Desktop Pose

Another shot of Elizabeth Flynn sat on a desk at Ewhurst Manor in black gloves, heels, and fishnet tights. Elizabeth hasn’t appeared much on here due to a lack of good images, but this is a great shot of her figure and perky tits! Not sure who took the shot, but not sure if it was Harrison Marks.

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Sue Owen – A Mini Adventure – Part 2

A dark haired Sue Owen taking a break from giving her Mini a wash. No idea who took this image of Sue, but the location is definitely on the driveway at Ewhurst Manor. Sue looks great topless in just her undone jeans sat on the bonnet of that mini. A great little set of Sue at Ewhurst you can see here

Members can view and download a larger image here

Madeleine – Halfway Heaven!

A beautiful side profile of Madeleine Collinson by Harrison Marks. Taken in the grounds of Walden Manor, it shows off Madeleine’s figure and small, pert tits perfectly. I believe it was taken around the same time he filmed the Maximus film ‘Halfway Inn’.