Exciting No.13 – Front & Rear!

Another front and rearview from my growing collection of Exciting Magazines. This is the front and rear cover of Exciting No.13 from 1968. This dark haired beauty looks stunning in black, showing off her front and rear views, including a nice view of her round arse.

I now have 17 editions of Exciting in my growing collection, and they are certainly different from the magazine style of Harrison Marks and other UK photographers.

Cover Girl No.23 – Front & Rear!

Continuing from my collection of Cover Girl & Exciting Magazines, the front, and rear cover of Cover Girl No.23 from 1968. I love the concept of a front view on the main cover and a rearview on the back. I think I prefer the rearview of this edition, as you get a great view of the model’s great arse.

A nice uncensored view on the front cover that no doubt caught the eye of potential European buyers 😉