Karie Nash – More Pond Life!

Another view of Karie Nash from a 35 mm black and white negative. Taken in 1978 this set features Karie posing for the camera around a pond in several poses from the front and back.

This one is a frontal view to go with the rearview published before. πŸ™‚

A Merry Maria!

The gorgeous Maria Clarence, posing on a wicker chair in front of a fireplace. I have about six negatives from this set of Maria posing around a living room setting. I didn’t really pay attention until now and realized they were taken at Christmas. The Christmas cards on the fireplace and little elf gave it . πŸ™‚

Not really very festive other than that, but an elegant view of Maria and her rounded bum with just one boob showing.

Cheeky One from Behind!

A shot from the 196os by Roland Carre of one of his French models that appeared in the Cover Girl magazines.

A view from behind this time as she kneels on an armchair looking over her shoulder showing off her great round arse, with just a hint of pussy on show!

Overall, a fabulous shot of an attractive model in stockings and heels from behind. πŸ™‚

Gillian's Necklace Desire

A stunning pose by Gillian Hanna better known as Jennifer Eccles from a set of 35 mm black and white negatives. I love the way she is laying and looking away to the right in this shot.

A beautiful naked body with only the necklace and heels as adornments πŸ™‚

June Palmer – Doorway to Heaven!

Another simple but stunning shot of a nude June Palmer posing in a doorway for Stefan Glass. Β This shot is part of the huge Stefan Glass Set, but is a smaller sub set of shots of June posing in this doorway and on the stairs!

A Flash from Frieda

Another shot of one of my favourite French models Frieda by Serge Jacques. A fabulous view of her in black panties and stockings pulling up her white jumper like dress to flash her tits! I also love the way the panties and suspender belt hug the curve of her hips πŸ™‚

Caron Gardner – Sofa So Good!

Caron Gardner posing nude apart from some heels on a very uncomfortable looking sofa chair! Thankfully the view on the sofa of Carons figure more than makes up for it.

Members can view and download a larger image here

Nicky Stevens – Boots on the Bed!

Today’s shot from model of the week Nicky Stevens. This time a topless view of her as she stands on the bed in stockings, panties and a white boot! This is from a medium format negative in my collection, but the photographer is unknown, but the location is a bedroom at Ewhurst. That bed is well known and appears in numerous photos of models, and I have no doubt it was well-used as well.

No idea why Nicky only has one boot off, as this is the only shot from this set. She’s either doing a strip and taking it off or putting it on. Either way, my mum would have killed her for standing on the bed in boots! Mind you, that would be the least of my worries if my mum walked in and found Nicky like that on my bed. πŸ™‚

Nicole Isimat – Sixties Sass!


The stunning 1960’s ebony beauty Nicole Isimat by Serge Jacques.

Nicole showing off her thick bushy curls, highlighted by a nice pair of spotty stockings as she reclines on the bed. She appeared in several late 1960’s publications mainly in Europe including the cover and back page of Cover Girl No.12, as well as several pages inside.

Half Cut Cover Girl


A shot from 1968 by Serge Jacques of one of his French models that appeared in the Cover Girl magazines.

A different view in that unlike most models of the time, she has a half-and-half view rather than fully natural or fully shaved. A style that seems to be more in keeping with women of today, tidy on top, smooth below. More open than UK views, potentially done so that viewers could see the details of the lips and still have a natural feel, maybe?

Overall, a fabulous shot of an attractive model in stockings and heels with her legs open πŸ™‚