Susan Shaw Unzipped!

A second shot of Susan Shaw (Gisa) by Paul Pantha (Terry Sparks) posing topless leaning against a table with her corduroy trousers unzipped. The house is unknown, but she appears in several rooms and locations outside throughout this set of photo’s. A stunning topless shot very reminiscent of a typical Sun page 3 shot, which she did appear on various times during her career.  🙂

A Merry Maria!

The gorgeous Maria Clarence, posing on a wicker chair in front of a fireplace. I have about six negatives from this set of Maria posing around a living room setting. I didn’t really pay attention until now and realized they were taken at Christmas. The Christmas cards on the fireplace and little elf gave it . 🙂

Not really very festive other than that, but an elegant view of Maria and her rounded bum with just one boob showing.

Lana Surfin by Paul Pantha (Original)

Another new UK model from the late 1960’s in the shapely form of Lana Surfin photographed by Paul Pantha, who is none other than Terry Sparks under a Pseudonym. Another wonderful model that I have lots of different shots of posing in and around a familiar house layout that Terry seemed to like, but no idea about it’s location or other details. A stunning body and figure on her, but also can’t seem to find any publications she appeared in, at least under this name 🙂