Velma – Wild in the Jungle!

Velma Loftus, exposing her beautiful body on the Jungle set by Harrison Marks. Velma had a lush, thick bush on view in many of her shots and here she is showing off that lovely hairy pussy and slender figure, so a truly wild natural girl! 🙂

Perfect Pam (Original)



One of my own colour negatives of Pam Arnold (Tiffany St.Clair) by Harrison Marks. A stunning shot of Pam on the Jungle set, of which most of the shots went on to appear in Kamera No.88 (1968), but this particular shot doesn’t, so not sure where it appeared. It’s an original medium format negative, so not even mass produced as a Pamar slide? Plenty of Pam and Leopard skin to be seen in this shot!


Note: This image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.

Pouting Pam (1968)

Pam Arnold from Kamera No.88 (1968) in which she appears on both the cover and colour centre pages, along with various other shots throughout the magazine, but all from the same photo set! Her only appearance in Kamera and even re-prints and shots in other publications come from this set, so maybe she only did the one shoot?