Louise Worth – Kamera No.80 Cover (1967)

Louise Worth sat posing on a four-poster bed from Kamera No.80 cover (1967) by Harrison Marks. The four-poster bed was actually in a bedroom at Ewhurst Manor. It seems to appear in other shoots, including a set featuring Margaret Nolan and others. šŸ™‚

A Bubbly Britt! (1967)



A bubbly Britt Hampshire posing in the sunken bath from Kamera No.80 P28 (1967). I do love a good reflection shot using mirrors and this shot of Britt by Harrison Marks is very well done. Not only are the bubbles strategically placed to hide anything, but if you look at her reflection there is a very well placed knob/tap covering her modesty.

Louise Worth – Kamera No.80 (1967)



Louise Worth sat posing on a four poster bed from Kamera No.80 P31 (1967) by Harrison Marks. I thought the four poster bed was a set, but I’m not so sure it wasn’t a bedroom at Ewhurst Manor, as it seems to appear in other shoots?

A Little Tipple With Caroline (1967)

Caroline Coon posing at the bar in GHM’s flat with a very retro looking bottle of brandy! This shot appears in Kamera No.80 P36 (1967) and is one of seven shots of Caroline in this edition, posing around the living room of theĀ flat.

Louise Worth

Appeared in Kamera No.80 (Cover below) and Kamera No.89. She appeared in two glamour films, one made on the ‘Fourposter’ set, and a second on the ‘Hollywood’ set in 1967. The image above is taken on the ‘bedroom’ set and was published inĀ Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1,Ā ‘Harrison Marks – A Series of Natural Art Studies’ published in 1969 when censorship was not as stringent about showing pubic hair!