June Simpson – Blonde Ambition! (Original)

I love June Simpson and just can’t get enough of her curves and blonde ambition. This is one of my favourite shots of her that was originally published in Kamera Special No.1 P90 (1957). This is from an original print sent over by Kevin and much better quality.

I just love the way she is sat back on her heels showing off that great round arse as she slightly arches her back. A perfect blonde with a perfect body from the master.

Last shot of the week, so hope everyone is doing OK and staying safe šŸ™‚

Julie – A Wild Pose! (1957)

Julie (Shearing) posing nude on a leopardskin rug from Kamera Special No.1 P92 (1957). I love Julie and this pose is no different, in the way she is leaning forward giving us a great view of her curves and the shape of those boobs, as she looks sideways at the camera, beautiful! Ā I still find it fascinating, that although she looks so Latinesque she was an English beauty through and through, looks as they say can be deceptive.

June Simpson – Waves & Curves (1957)

June Simpson from Kamera Special No.1 (1957) posing on yet another animal skin rug for Harrison Marks. What I like about this shot is the way June is arching her back to extenuate her curves and the round curve of her bum. Ā I also love the waves of her blonde hair as they fall down across her shoulders.

A Surprised Lyn Hamilton!

Another unknown model has been identified, again by Jeff. Ā This time it’s Lyn Hamilton appearing inĀ Carnival Spring Special , 1958 (Top) and the original shot I posted of her in Kamera Special No.1 (1957). Ā Another unknown off the list, Thanks Jeff!

Julie & The Floral Wallpaper! (1957)

She certainly had a thing for big earrings, as here she is wearing nothing more than earrings whilst posing in front of a reoccurring floral wallpaper that appears through-out some of Harrison Marks early shots. The stunning Julie from Kamera Special No.1 (1957)

A Figure Hugging Pose! (1957)

From Kamera Special No.1 (1957) comes this figure hugging pose by an unknown model. Early in the publication timeline of Kamera, this shot is more in line with the early publications of Fiesta, where Harrison Marks used to publish models scantily clad in underwear rather than nude. There is something about this shot that appeals without having to show bare skin, be it the stockings, the figure hugging corset or maybe the panties with little bows on it! A classic shot!

Lydia Barton & The Leopard Skin Nipple Pasties!

You learn something new every day, who knew these small round caps covering the nipple and areola were called nipple pasties! Here is Lydia Burton wearing a set of pasties and matching choker and leopard skin panties from Kamera Special No.1 (1957) by Harrison Marks.

Pasties emerged in burlesque and striptease from the 1920s as a way to avoid breaking the law by performing topless or nude and came to be regarded by some as more aesthetic and erotic than showing the actual nipples. Me I prefer to see a nice pair of nipples, but add someĀ tasselsĀ and I can see the appeal!