Dawn Grayson – The Look!

Another new Dawn Grayson shot from an original medium format negative and what a stunner it is!

Kneeling forward in an armchair, she looks seductively at the camera wearing nothing more than black panties, stockings, and suspender belt. The positioning of the arms allows her small perky tits to point outwards, perfectly framed. The look alone is enough to send most men into a cold sweat!

A Dawn Double!

A double delight in this shot, as not only is it a stunning shot of Dawn Grayson, but also one taken by Leslie Bainbridge! Another very open view of Dawn by Bainbridge as well, this time in a familiar living room setting with the sheepskin rug! A perfect view!

Dawn Grayson – Her Ladyship Nude! (1969)

A second move revealing still of Dawn Grayson by Harrison Marks from the set of the 1969 feature film ‘The Nine Ages of Nakedness’. Her Ladyship (Dawn Grayson) strips for a renowned painter Sir Rupert, Harrison De Chandelier and poses nude as he proceeds to paint her. A perfect opportunity to see Dawn nude and on film. 🙂

Dawn Grayson – Bedroom Desire

The stunning Dawn Grayson, showing off her lithe body as she leans naked against the bed. What a perfect view of her figure and those small tits as she looks directly at the camera. I have a few from this set, but no idea who took them or where, but who cares it’s Dawn!

A Sheer Tease!

The full view of the ‘A Sheet Tease’ featuring Dawn Grayson, if you hadn’t already guessed. A much wider view of Dawn with black suspender belt and stockings, all wrapped up nicely with a bow. This time you get to see all of her leaning against a door with a knowing grin 🙂

1960’s, Black Suspender Belt, Dawn Grayson, Door, Harrison Marks, Kay Kirkham, Medium Format Negative, Original, Restored, Shaven Pussy, Sheer Black Panties, Slit, Stockings, Topless

Depilated Dawn

The stunning Dawn Grayson leaning against a tree in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor, taken by Harrison Marks. This original shot shows off her naked figure to perfection, including an uncensored view of her very tidy and depilated mons pubis.

The published version of this shot, and very badly censored I may add, appeared in Solo No.43 P45 (1964)

Dawn Grayson – Perky & Pink!

Catching up after a busy week with a perky shot of Dawn Grayson laying on the floor beside a bed topless. A great shot from a medium format negative showing dawn in glorious colour, as she arches her back to show off those small tits.

Members can view and download a larger image here

Dawn’s Balancing Act!

The stunningly glamorous Dawn Grayson posing on a wicker garden chair in white slip and heels. I have several sets of negatives of Dawn posing in this outdoor location, all with her wearing the same set of diamond encrusted shoes. This set has her in various poses with the chair and wearing a white slip. Others have her in tights, or stockings, but all with the same shoes.

Regardless of what she’s wearing a great shot of her balencing on that wicker chair showing off her legs and those small tits 🙂

Members can view and download a larger image here

Decorating with Dawn!

Well that’s my Easter holiday over and the decorating is done! I can safely say I had a similar stepladder to the one in this shot, it just didn’t have such a great view as this. A different shot of the fabulous Dawn Grayson posing on a stepladder, flashing her legs and white underwear.

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Dawn & Cindy – Ready to Pose

I love duo’s and trio’s of models posing together, and here is a perfect duo in the shapely form of Dawn Grayson and Cindy Neal. From an original strip of 35 mm black and white negative, this was shot at the Norland Astoria Studio in 1967 of the two girls.

Both look fabulous sat on the sofa as they prepare to pose for the camera. Unfortunately, this is the last image I have in my collection of these two.

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