Pam Alexander – A Sandy Spot

Another shot of the gorgeous Pamela Alexander taken by Paul Pantha (Terry Sparks). Taken down in Pegwell Bay, it shows Pam laying on a sandy beach showing off her fabulous naked body.

Angela Jones – Dark Angel

Another one of the few shot I have of Angela Jones with dark hair. I’m not sure if it was a wig or dyed, but probably a wig. This shot taken by Harrison Marks has Angela kneeling on the front lawn at Walden Manor, overlooking the drive and house. Looking very dark and broody, you do get to see her figure, but the style of pose gives only a partial view of everything else. 😉

June Simpson – Summer House Delight!

A stunning rearview of June Simpson taken by Harrison Marks in 1958 in the conservatory of Pamela Green’s parents. It’s a perfect view of June’s figure and rounded rear, along with that very 1950s style platinum blonde hair. There is also a hint of pussy between those legs, or at least an outline, but think this is the most I’ve ever seen from June down there! In fact, I don’t recall seeing any uncensored shots of June that go further than this?

Images of June and Pam from this shoot appeared in Kamera No.18 and No.19 and some shots of June in Solo No.5, but I’ve not seen this shot published, unless of course I missed it!

June Palmer – To Biggin Hill & Back! (Original)



Two classic vintage models in one shot! June Palmer posing on the roof of a vintage Elva Courier out in the countryside, just outside Biggin Hill. At the time this shot was taken Biggin Hill was in Kent, UK, but now sits in the London Borough of Bromley.

June is actually dressed in these shots in a classic tight jumper and white skirt, so not your normal glamour shot, but maybe a couple of snapshots on the road? It’s hard to tell if they were snapshots as June did model with this and another car for this promo shot, but these look like they just stopped at a crossroads and took a few shots posing on the car. At a guess I’d say the location based on the crossroads sign was just off the B2024 near Tatsfield, as one of the signs points towards the local church.

Thanks to John W for these fabulous shots of June and the Elva Courier, not your normal June shots, but still some great memorabilia from back in the 60’s.

Monika Ringwald – Fence Top Flashing & Fishnets!

I love this shot of an unknown model from the 1960’s Monika Ringwald as it’s one of those shots that has a bit of everything and pushes all the right buttons! I love the fact she is sat astride the fence in fishnets and white panties. Throw in the perfectly small white tits caused by the suntan, and it’s a great shot!

Update: Originally I had no clue who this model was and found the original negative being sold on and assumed it originated from the states. How wrong I was, as the image was taken by Terry Sparks and the model was Monika Ringwald and thanks to Terry the location was actually one he used many times before, Pegwell Bay down in Kent. Here is what Terry had to say when he saw this image – The picture you published is I think one of mine. I was commissioned by an American to do stocking’s set of Monika, and all the unprocessed films were given directly to him. So I have never seen the results of my efforts, and I am rather curious as to how they have suddenly materialized after all these years.

Well, there you go, it’s a small world! I now have several other images of Monika and those great little white tits, sent over by Terry, that you can see here.

June Palmer – A Quick Drinks Break! (Original)



We’ve had cigarette’s, now for booze and fast cars! A brilliant shot of June posing for a publicity shot or advert I assume, sat on the back of a vintage car with a glass of wine in hand.

The Grasshopper Inn, which is prominent in the shot still exists today and can be found in Westerham, Kent and is advertised as a privately owned, recently restored, beautiful Tudor building set in the idyllic Kent countryside.  There are many images of the Inn online, but I couldn’t find this particular view, but I’m sure it has changed considerably since then! It is also close to Oxted and I have other shots of June from this same shoot with her sat on the bonnet and roof of the darker vintage car at a crossroads with Oxted on a sign.

The darker car is possibly a Jaguar, as may the white one be, but not 100% sure? A great piece of June Memorabilia that is different from the normal glamour related stuff and a snapshot of things back then.

Update: Thanks to MadMax who sent this message to me – ‘The cars are both Elva Couriers and this looks very like a publicity photoshoot for advertising or brochures. Elva were based in Bexhill, then Hastings so this part of Kent would have been almost on their doorstep.’. Madmax is spot on because if you go to the Elva website there are two colour photo’s taken outside the Grasshopper at the same time as the one above, one even has June in it with the title “Arrive in style and enjoy a glass of ‘warm’ beer and a Babycham for your lady.” – Fantastic and thanks to MadMax.

On further searching I’ve found another shot of June posing in a bikini in a white Elva here, that identifies the car as a 1961 Trojan-built MkIII Elva Courier. I also found ‘Fast Elva Ladies’ Page featuring June in two shots as well here. Which then also led me to this image of June I’d already posted in the now identified car 🙂

I love stumbling across things like this and all from one image 🙂 More images of June and the Elva to come …


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.

Conservatory Capers with Pam & Marie (Originals)




Two originally sourced shots of Pamela Green and Marie Deveraux posing in the conservatory by Harrison Marks. Taken in the late 1950’s the colour version shows Pam with red/ginger short hair before her blonde period, with both shots given a front and back view of each. They seem to be taken in the same location as similar early Pam and June Simpson shots, so location would be Pam’s parents house in Kent.  The top shot comes from a scan by Kevin and the bottom colour shot comes from a colour Pamar slide sent by Jeff, so thanks to both for these great shots.

Pam & June – Highlighted Beauty (Original)



Another image of Pamela Green and June Simpson posing nude in the conservatory at Pam’s parents house in Kent. Taken in 1959 several shots of this duo appear in Kamera No.18 and 19, with the odd shot dotted throughout other publications. I think this may be a little overexposed in more than one way, but the light coming through the conservatory highlights both thier hair and bodies really well.

Bobby Sparrow – Heart Shaped Heaven! (Original)

The final three fun filled shots of Bobby Sparrow taken by Terry Sparks at Pegwell Bay, Kent in 1972. These shots sure show Bobby as the model Terry remembers a ‘very lively girl and good fun to have a laugh with’ and we also get a great view of her pussy trimmed in the shape of a heart! The final two are fantastic shots, as any photographer will know trying to capture motion, let alone water splashes is hard at the best of times, but Terry nails it in these photo’s of Bobby. Not only is Bobby in focus, but so are the water splashes, which give the shots a real sense of movement and fun.

Brilliant shots and thanks to Terry for a great set of Bobby 🙂


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

June Simpson – A Conservatory View! (1958)

What a pose from June Simpson, showing off that fantastic figure and rear to good effect in this shot, with her ached back highlighting the curve of her bum even more! Taken in the conservatory at Pamela Green’s parent’s house in Kent by Harrison Marks and appearing in Kamera No.16 (1958). Sometimes it’s the obscure poses that tend to stimulate the mind, more than the more obvious shots!