Exciting No.13 – Front & Rear!

Another front and rearview from my growing collection of Exciting Magazines. This is the front and rear cover of Exciting No.13 from 1968. This dark haired beauty looks stunning in black, showing off her front and rear views, including a nice view of her round arse.

I now have 17 editions of Exciting in my growing collection, and they are certainly different from the magazine style of Harrison Marks and other UK photographers.

Lorraine Burnett – A Nice Offering!

Lorraine Burnett from an original print in black stockings and wearing long black gloves. It looks like she’s actually offering up her tits to the camera or saying what do you think of these? Either way a great figure and set of tits on offer, although I’m not too sure about the dodgy bamboo wallpaper in the background 🙂

Exciting No.12 – Front & Rear!

The front and rear cover of Exciting No.12. A nice front view on the front cover showing off this model’s nice little perky tits and thick hairy pussy, all highlighted by a black outfit and suspender belt. The rear cover has an equally enjoyable rearview too, this time an impressive round rear as she sits on a stool showing off her bum and more. This was the typical style of both Exciting and Cover Girl magazines throughout both their publishing runs.

The covers and rear all both glossy colour and the quality of the colours is exceptional as you can see 🙂

Brenda Graham – Bedroom Glamour (Original)

A glamorous bedroom shot of Brenda Graham. Brenda titillates us on the bed topless in long black gloves, stockings and dangly earrings. This comes from an original 10 by 8 print in my collection and Brenda is a stunning as always. Photographer and location are unknown with no identifying details on the back of the print.

Kate – A Lady With Vintage Style!

A stunning vintage style shot from a real lady and friend that has allowed me to share this shot of her on my site. I just love this vintage style shot, those long black gloves and stockings and a hint of more! A real pleasure to share this shot of Lady Kate, who has a real love for vintage and not really a reader’s wife, as she is the one herself that likes to share her glamorous side. Hope you all enjoy the vintage view. 🙂

Presenting Brenda Graham

The cover and an inside image of ‘Presenting Brenda Graham’ dedicated of course to Brenda. The cover titillates us with Brenda in underwear and stockings posing on the sofa, whereas inside we get to see more of Brenda topless on the bed and other similar poses. Very little information on who took the photo’s or who published the magazine, but it seems to be a set of magazines, as I have other similar covers to this one for other models including Sylvana Manto and Eve Eden.

S is For Sophia (Xmas Calendar)



S is for Sophia Dawn looking damn sexy in this shot wearing long black gloves, black corset and stockings as she sits straddling a chair. Not a Harrison Marks shot, but from a ToCo publication such as Spick & Span, but for the life of me can’t remember which one or the edition?

A Sophisticated & Sensual Sylvana! (Original)



An outstanding image of a very sophisticated Sylvana Manto (Madelaine Bannister) kneeling on a stool in long black gloves from a restored silver gelatin photo. A fabulously sexy shot of her as she raises her arms above her head giving us a clear view of those rounded tits and curves. A simply stunning shot!

Thanks as always to Girlymag for sharing this image of Sylvana with the site and he’s just listed loads of new prints including this one over on eBay.

Jean Rogers – Busty in Black!





The very busty Jean Rogers in long black gloves, black panties and stockings and a very unusual black furry hat! I’m not sure about the hat, but hey who cares!

Presenting Eve Eden

From Dawson Publishing Co. comes the cover of a small format magazine dedicated to Eve Eden, who also appears in tricolour on the front and back covers. There was a collection of these magazines, all titled ‘Presenting … Model Name’ and all under the guise of being a magazine for artists and photographers. Any excuse to see your favourite model nude!