Jo Peter’s – Shooting From the Hip!

A restored image from a colour 35mm slide of UK model Jo Peters. Loving the weird concoction of props in this shot, a bowler hat, long pink gloves, black corset and all topped off with a gun and holster! You also get a view of Jo’s tits and pussy as well 😉

Members can view and download a larger image here

Sylvana Manto – Classic Beauty! (Original)

The final day of the Kamera Club 2018 Xmas Calendar and we finish it with the classic beauty of Sylvana Manto (Madelaine Bannister) sent over by Girlymag. It doesn’t get much better than the classic curves of Sylvana sat on a stool nude apart from a few accessories to enhance the view. Stunning figure and beauty 🙂


Maria Clarence – Corset, Curves & Gloves (Original)





Following on from this post, three more shots of Maria Clarence in black stockings, corset and long gloves. The top shot sent through by Kevin is my favourite, as it shows of Maria’s curves better. I then found the other two in my collection so added those in, the bottom shot being the odd one as it shows her drinking wine and we see the tied panties.

Margaret's Frilly Knickers! – Part 3

Part 3 of Margaret Nolan and her frilly knickers, this time a colour shot! A great find and nice to see what colour those frilly knickers were, red! The set of three images so far can all be seen here.

Margaret's Frilly Knickers! – Part 1

Margaret Nolan posing on a bedroom stool in black frilly knickers (if that’s what you call them!) and long gloves. Looking very glamorous in the bedroom, hardly sleeping attire, although I doubt sleeping would be on anyone’s mind seeing her like that.