Kamera Calendar March 1967/2023

The beginning of March and time for the third month of the 1967 Kamera Calendar, which also aligns perfectly date wise with 2023. February features a blonde haired Marie Claire posing naked on the stairs. A warming view to what looks like another chilly month ahead!

Kay Fitsimmonds – Kamera Calendar March 1966/2022

A bit late but continuing my monthly posts of my updated images of the 1966 Kamera calendar. March features none other than Kay Fitsimmonds posing on the loft set, looking very aloof as well 🙂

Erica – This Is For Men (1958)

Harrison Marks model Erica posing in a very sheer babydoll nightie from This is For Men No.3 (March 1958). She also appeared on the cover wearing a black leotard that only just covered those big tits! She appears on 9 pages within the magazine under the name ‘Elga’ a visitor from Germany, posing in both the leotard and more of that sheer nightie.
Thanks to Paul from Firebird Records for the copy of this great magazine.

The Temptation of June Palmer (Original)



I couldn’t resist another shot from the set of June Palmer with long hair from a restored 10 by 8 print taken circa 1965. Taken on the bed in one of the bedrooms at Ewhurst Manor, this fabulous shot has June laying on her back naked as she looks directly at the camera. A very tempting look on her face as she bites seductively on her tongue.

P is for Palmer (Xmas Calendar)



P is for Palmer! June Palmer of course and a perfect addition to anyone’s Xmas list. This particular shot is from a collection of excellent quality 10 by 8 prints sent over by Scott and features June with long hair and long necklace hanging down around one breast. Taken in 1965 it comes from the same set of images as these taken at Ewhurst Manor that also appeared in Dude magazine.

June Palmer – A Look of Desire! (Original)



I couldn’t resist another shot from the set of June Palmer with long hair from a restored 10 by 8 print taken circa 1965. Taken on the bed in one of the bedrooms at Ewhurst Manor, this fabulous shot has June flashing her perfectly round bosom as she looks directly at the camera with a very tempting look on her face!

Another stunning shot of June and thanks again to Scott, who is also selling the original print of this shot, plus some others of June and Tina Madison on his eBay site. Well worth a look if you want the original prints for your collection.

June Palmer – The Long Haired Look! (Original)



June Palmer posing with long hair from a restored 10 by 8 print taken circa 1965. June looks absolutely stunning sat in that armchair with her top open exposing that fabulous body and perfect boobs and the location I think is probably Ewhurst Manor? The reason for the location and date is that this shot appears to be one very similar to those published in Dude Magazine (March 1965), where June has the same long hair and I know the rooms in that article are at Ewhurst. I also have 10 prints in total from this set, including several of June on the bed shown in the article and one of her with the candle in front of the fireplace. I also have a feeling that these may have been taken by Russell Gay as again I’ve seen similar shots of June in some of his publications. Plus there is a stamp on the back saying Graphic House Inc.

A simply stunning shot of June and thanks must go to Scott who contacted me via the site and sent over copies of this and his other original June prints. I had never seen these shots before, so it’s always a very nice surprise to see some new June images 🙂

Three More Cherry Treats!

Three more shots of Cherry (Cherri) Gilham following on from these I’ve already published. Taken by Terry Sparks, they again show Cherry posing in different ways in a chain bikini on set amongst the pillows. The final image also gives us another glimpse of her full and glorious bush, which is more than you normally saw from her in her page 3 days!

Thanks as always to Terry for sharing his work with me and being able to post it on this site.

Even More Cherry Revealed!

After my first post of Cherry Gilham by Terry a few weeks ago, a few more revealing shots of her this time! From the same set of Cherry posing amongst the cushions in a chain bikini bottom, we get to see her beautiful smile and even more! One can only admire the magnificence of that lush thick pussy on d it’s well worth seeing, even if in the second shot she’s trying to hide it from us. I don’t believe these were ever published, but Terry can correct me if I’m wrong, which is a shame as they are well worth seeing, but I do wonder if Benny Hill ever got a view like this? Thanks to Terry for sharing these wonderful shots.

Cherry Gilham – A BJ For Benny! (Original)

Just when I thought I’d run out of stuff sent through by Terry Sparks, a load of new images of his work arrive in the mail from him 🙂

This is Cherry Gilham who Terry discovered in 1971 and this is the first nude she ever posed for in March 1972, along with 12 others that Terry sent through from the same set. They all show Cherry posing amongst the cushions with this chain bikini bottom and range from topless like this to fully nude exposing a fine bush!  Cherry is probably more well known for appearing with Benny Hill in the 1970s on the ‘Benny Hill Show’, as one of the bevy of beauties that used to regularly appear on the show.  I was a big fan of the show myself and used to love seeing the speeded up chase sequences where Benny chased the scantily clad women, or they chased him. All good tongue in cheek smutty fun back then, but it seems behind the scenes things got a bit more naughty! Cherry also admitted in her autobiography that she gave Benny several blowjobs in his house after filming was over for the day, naughty girl! As well as working on the Benny Hill show, Cherry also appeared numerous times on the Sun’s Page 3, several film parts and wrote a regular column in the Daily Mail newspaper.  There is plenty out there about Cherry if you Google her name, but I, for one, love this shot from Terry and the others that I’ll sort out soon.

A big thank you as ever to Terry for allowing me to share his work from back then. I find his insight and little anecdotes about the models and his time with them so fascinating and always a pleasure to share.