Christine & The Return of Readers Wives

The long overdue return of the Readers Wives section and Christine! Since I moved the website last year, the readers wives section has been on hiatus, but now it’s back! There is now a gallery for members to view all the readers wives and the views on offer, including Chris. I’ll be adding back more of our readers wives in the coming weeks, but new submissions are always welcome! 🙂

June Palmer – A Figure That Opened Doors!

Another simple but stunning shot of a nude June Palmer posing in a doorway for Stefan Glass.  This shot is part of a smaller sub set of shots of June posing in this doorway and on the stairs! The photos I’ve posted so far from this set are here.

The shape and curves of June’s body are simply breathtaking in this shot, from the way she holds herself down to the perfect pose. Although totally uncensored and showing off her smooth pussy, the way she is posing just seems to add a certain something to the shot. A young June in her prime and as the title says a figure that opened many doors!

Patsy Takes The Plunge!

Patsy Henlow or otherwise known as Pam Hornby by Terry Sparks.

As Patsy she poses for Terry in various locations around a house fully naked and showing off a very nice hairy pussy. As Pam she poses for Bainbridge both outside and indoors, but this time with a completely shaven and smooth pussy. I’d guess that Terry’s shots were slightly earlier than those of Bainbridge, so I’d say late 60’s for Terry and early 70’s for Bainbridge, but I could be wrong.

A glorious view of Patsy as she lays amongst the bubbles 😉

Members can view and download a larger image here

A Frosted Rear! (Original)

Another beautiful shot of Maria Frost posing on the familiar orange sofa. This time a nude rear view of Maria and her fabulous peachy arse. No idea who the good looking chap is in the photo on the drinks cabinet?

These 35mm colour slides are a bit rough around the edges, but still come up pretty good after restoration. Nothing really frosty about this shot or Maria’s rear 🙂

Sophia Dawn – Heavenly Hips! (Original)


A restored 35mm colour slide from my own collection of the always glamorous Sophia Dawn. I have a huge collection of 35mm slides of Sophia. Including this set of her posing by a fake wall in the studio and using the towel in the background.

This is a superb nude study of Sophia, as it shows off her figure to perfection, including the curve of those hips and waist. The white tan lines also shows off a hint of her smooth pussy and slit 😉

Pamela Green – A Different Perspective! (Original)

The indomitable Pamela Green as seen by Harrison Marks from below! What a view of her perfect naked body, firm tits and completely shaven mound and perfectly highlighted with the addition of oil and well placed lighting. The master photographer and his muse at their best!

This and other shots can be viewed and downloaded by members in the Pamela Green gallery here.

Tamara or Laura – A different Cut!

A different view of the 1970s US model Laura Count by Howard Roark from a set of contact sheets. I say different because it actually appears to be model Tamara Jade wearing a wig. As Laura, she seems to have a different look, not only with the wig, but her pussy. In this shot, she is partially shaved down below, allowing us to see her mound and slit.

I’m not sure if all the photos were taken in one sitting, and she shaved to pose as Laura, or they were different times. Either way, I like different cuts of both Tamara and Laura. 🙂