Sophia’s Mini Frills!

The stunning Sophia Dawn sat outside the cottage at Ewhurst on the bonnet of a Mini Cooper. So much to like about this shot the car, the location, or even the model, even though she’s dressed! Saying that, I love the dress and frilly petticoat and Sophia’s beehive hairstyle.

I believe the Mini was owned by the Cliffords, that rented out Ewhurst Manor to the various photographers of the time. The mini is in superb condition and the tax disc on it is dated April 1964. The only thing that could possibly make this shot better is if Sophia was naked! 😉

Pretty in Pink Corset!

What’s not to like about this late 1950s colour glamour slide? Such a classical pose in fishnet stockings, pink corset and of course heels and a hat! The latest fashion and what every respectable woman needs to wear for her husband in the bedroom. 🙂

Dawn Grayson – Her Ladyship Nude! (1969)

A second move revealing still of Dawn Grayson by Harrison Marks from the set of the 1969 feature film ‘The Nine Ages of Nakedness’. Her Ladyship (Dawn Grayson) strips for a renowned painter Sir Rupert, Harrison De Chandelier and poses nude as he proceeds to paint her. A perfect opportunity to see Dawn nude and on film. 🙂

Michelle Uncovered

I love it when I uncover more about a model that I post on the site, especially one that posed for Harrison Marks. The above shot is of the model only ever referred to as Michelle by GHM in Kamera No.87 (1968). I have managed to acquire several negatives of Michelle over time, from the one above, to a couple of colour negatives where she shows off a lot more!

Well now, thanks to Tim, who has provided the two shots below, I have a full name for Michelle. She is Michelle Karli/Karlli, and she had small parts in Department S and Doctor in the House in 1969. It’s definitely the same Michelle, as in the full shots I have of her, she has the same two beauty spots on her face. So, another model that posed nude for Harrison Marks then went on to become an actress and do small parts on TV. Or maybe she was always an actress and just did the nude modelling on the side?

A Portrait of Jayne

Another shot from my portrait collection of glamour models. This time a beautiful shot of Jayne Tracey looking straight at the camera in an off the shoulder dress. Jayne looks stunning with her perfect make-up and hairstyle, all very 1960s 🙂

Thelma by Doug Burn

An original scan of a medium format negative of Thelma by Doug Burn from the 1950s.  Thelma was another lesser known Harrison Marks model that appeared for him in Kamera No.4, 5, 9 and No.11 (Cover) in 1957/58, then seems to have disappeared? It now looks like she did some other modelling in the 50s for other photographers as well.

This was sent over by Tim, a contact who has a collection of 1950s negatives by Doug Burn including Thelma, Lorraine Burnett, June Russell and other models and actresses from that period. Interestingly, the index card for Thelma also has the name Bahia Ali, so another different name. Tim is also selling his negatives over on eBay, so go take a look here. 🙂

June Palmer – A Portrait of Desire

As I’ve said before, not all of my collection are nudes or glamour related. I also have a large collection of ‘normal’ shots of my favourite models posing for standard profile shots or just dressed! June Palmer is no exception, in fact I think I have more shots of June dressed and posing ‘normally’ than any other model.

This is a fine example of a portrait shot of a young June with long hair, Red headband and green off the shoulder jumper.

Lesley Draper – Wet on Black

A beautiful 10 by 8 print of unknown H&E Model No.4 that I’ve now been able to identify. I’ve now identified her as UK model Lesley Draper, and she posed for several photographers, including Leslie Bainbridge.

I love this shot of her posing in a wet black blouse that clings perfectly to her body! The lighting on her face and hair is perfect! 🙂

June Russell – A Look of Class!

The elegant June Russell, posing on a leopardskin rug in the studio. Wearing just panties and an open blouse with the collar pulled up. I don’t know why, but she looks so elegant and extremely sexy in this shot without really showing anything. Although, you do get just a hint of bosom!

An original photo taken in the studio by photographer Doug Burn in the 50s.

June Palmer – A Rocky Position!

A stunning shot of June Palmer posing nude and oiled on the rocks! Taken by Arthur Howell in some sunny location on holiday, with June looking like she’s tempted to take a dip in the sea to cool off. I know I need cooling off after seeing this view of June. 🙂