Vicky Ashley – Pearls & Chains

A restored version of a print of Vicky Ashley taken by Leslie Bainbridge for Health & Efficiency. Fabulous view of her sat in that armchair, wearing pearls and a chain belt, subtly highlighting her smooth neat pussy.

Suzi Shaw – For All To see!

It seems like Russell Gay got his moneys worth from this set of Suzi Shaw in pearls and fishnets! Not only does this shot appear in Coral No.64, but several more from the same set appear across different editions of Coral, plus Amber, QT and Model. Suzi was definitely value for money in more than one way and had plenty to show off as well. Love how she looks in this shot with the heels and stockings showing off those beautiful big tits! A typical Russell Gay shot 🙂


Della Fox- An Artistic View! (Original)



A very artistic view of a nude Della Fox posing with a jug and vase from a restored 35mm colour slide. I like the way she’s only wearing a pearl necklace and how it’s draped around her tit’s like a frame, as if highlighting them. Not that they need highlighting 🙂

Sylvana Manto – Pearls & Panties!





Three shots of Sylvana Manto from Spree Magazine looking very elegant in gloves, pearls and white panties. There is a certain quality about these images that makes them very stylish, even though Sylvana is topless and showing off her fantastic tits. Thanks to Kevin for the top image and I then found the other matching images in my archive 🙂

The Glossy Lips & Curvy Hips of Virginia Green

I just can’t stop staring at these shots of Virginia Green from two restored negatives. I don’t know if it’s the perfectly glossed lips, the natural curve of her hips or the hint of those other lips above the smooth pubis that catches my attention. All in all two fantastic shots of her and I love the use of the pearls as a bracelet and one further up her arm.

These were originally colour negatives, but so badly faded to magenta there was no way to restore the colour, so I converted the to Black and white, which works well. A real shame as I would love to have seen these shots and Virginia in all her glory in full colour. 

Jackie's Juggs!

Whatever way you say it Jackie Parker had a big pair of tits on her, shown to good effect in this shot! She also seemed to have a thing for blonde wigs, or the photographer did. Either way you look at it a great shot of her kneeling nude in blonde wig and pearls!

Pamela Green – Only Pearls (Coloured)

Another coloured version of Pamela Green from Oldiznewagain from one of my original posts. Interesting that her went for the ginger/redhead look with this one rather than blonde, which I think she was in the original, but it works! Great effort as always, but maybe a little too bright and could be calmer and the red in the lips looks to have bled or smudge a little too much losing definition. Picky I know 🙂