Tina McGowan – A Bushy Doorway View!

A Harrison Marks model I’ve not featured much in the shape of Tina McGowan. She appeared in Kamera No.73, No.75 and No.78, along with Solo No.53 (1967). She also starred in the Glamour Film ‘Cabbages & Kinks’ and ‘Favourites of the Pharoes Episode 4 – The Mummy’ with Teri Martine and others.

This original shot features her posing against the cottage wall, showing off all her assets. Including a nice hairy pussy and some very dark areola.  🙂

Sarah – Good Girl Gone Bad!

Another post from the Good Girls Gone Bad set, this time featuring a sweet young model known only as Sarah. What members see is the bad side of Sarah. Where she’s naked, showing off her tanned body, puffy tits and hairy pussy for the camera. These shots come from a set of 35 mm negatives taken at Jason Studio’s in the late 1960s and show Sarah in various stages of undress. Just love this model and her smile and body. 🙂

Sue Roberts – A Nice Little Bench Warmer!

Sue Roberts, posing on what looks like an old school bench from a restored 35 mm colour slide. I love this colour shot of her laying on the bench, showing off her fabulous figure and those small perky tits and those dark puffy nipples. Similar to this shot from the same set.

Members can view and download a larger image in the member’s area here

Billy Jo Wellman – Letting Them Out For Air!

The busty US model from the 1970’s Billy Jo Wellman by Howard Roark from another set of contact sheets. She’s definitely exposing those big beauties to the outside and giving them a good airing in this shot 😉


A Ripping Unknown Model


Another new unknown model from a set of 35 mm negatives sent over by Paul from Firebird Records. In this small set, she’s posing topless in a pair of tight jeans that seem to be ripping at the seams. Another that I have no idea on name, although she’s very appealing to the eye with a great pair of tits with puffy nipples. Also, another model that likes to wear a headband similar to Eva Nieman, not sure if she’s wearing a wig though?

There are several sets of this model, including 3 of this set that members can see in the models’ gallery. I’ve also added her to the unknown models’ gallery, should anyone come up with a name for this beauty?

Sue Roberts – A Dark Puffy Pair!

A very colourful shot of Harrison Marks model Sue Roberts from a restored 35mm colour slide scanned and sent over from Paul at Firebird Records. Sue seems to pop up all over the place, as I have shots of her in GHM films Cous-Cous and Tutti Fruity, she posed, as in this shot at Jason Studio’s for I assume amateur and semi-professional photographers. I’ve also got a set of contact sheets of her by Reg Dines posing at a UK naturist camp! She sure got around!

Georgina – Pointed Beauty!

Another shot from the set of images by Harrison Marks of the model he only named as Georgina, but was in fact Georgina Michele. Posing in the studio this is the second shot of Georgina from this set, with the first one posted here. She certainly was a slender model with very small perky tits and with very pointed and raised areola, but a very peachy bottom as well!

Rosina Revelle – Tits Like Torpedo’s! (Original)



The young and lovely Rosina Revelle posing in frilly knickers in front of a very retro looking background from a set of restored prints. A fabulous figure, but she did have odd shaped boobs with large puffy areola and nipples that were almost flat and non existent! Tits like torpedo’s as someone recently commented on another image 🙂

Pat Davis – Puffed Perfection (1959)



I’ve seen this image doing the rounds on the Internet before, but not as good quality as this shot. This shot originally comes from Kamera No.19 P21 (1959) and is a wonderful close up of Pat’s particularly large puff areloa, which she seems happy to show off.