Virginia Jones – Dusky Desires!

The dusky delights of Virginia Jones. Kneeling on a bed with a great piece of artwork featuring June Palmer in the background, we get to see all of Virginia! A fully uncensored and fully natural pussy from Virginia for all to see. Not everyone’s preference, but a great view, pussy, and figure regardless. 🙂

The Amorous Masseur

Another still of Eva Nieman from the set of the Harrison Marks glamour film ‘The Amorous Masseur’ distributed by Maximus films. The 9-minute film features Eva and a male enjoying a massage at a sauna and at Eva’s home, although the massage tends to be very one-sided! Towards the end of the film things get very amorous, but nothing too risqué in this film, although Eva doesn’t really look like she’s enjoying things, simulated or not!

This film shouldn’t be confused with the similar title ‘The Amorous Masseuse’ featuring Toni Lee and Yvonne Paul, which was an all female affair.

The Amorous Eva (Original)

A second shot of Eva Nieman from the set of the Harrison Marks glamour film ‘The Amorous Masseur’. A beautifully uncensored shot of Eva posing in black stockings and suspender belt that frames that smooth pussy perfectly 🙂

Coincidentally I have also received a new set of 35mm negatives of Eva from Paul from Firebird. Not as revealing as this shot, but equally as enjoyable and more of them to come in future posts.

Eva Nieman – Red Velvet View!

Another restored shot from my collection of 35 mm slides featuring Eva Nieman. In this shot, you get a great view of her naked body as she leans against what looks like a chair covered in a red velvet sheet. Yet again she’s wearing her trademark headband, but love those small perky tits. 🙂

Virginia Jones – Chains of Desire

An original still of the stunning Virginia Jones on the set of the 1970 Harrison Marks glamour film Cous Cous. This particular shot gives a great side full length view of her perfect body, highlighted by the gold chain around her waist and necklaces around her neck. Not a very politically correct film now, not that many of GHM’s films ever were!

Wicked Wanda! (Original)

Another shot of Wanda Liddell without her wig from a set of photo’s taken by Harrison Marks. A rather delicious view of her figure to start the week off too 🙂


Josie & Her Pussy-cat!

Another original Harrison Marks shot of the model named as Josie Montya and her half-and-half style down below! Josie appeared in New Kamera No.1 (1969) under the title ‘Just Josie’ although this shot didn’t appear. Great shot of her kneeling on the sofa showing it all off and the title references Josie & The Pussycats, a fictional rock band published by Archie Comics from 1963 until 1982 🙂

Wanda Liddell – Highlighted Parts

Another shot of Wanda Liddell by Harrison Marks from this set of her, highlighting what she has on offer and wearing the well-worn and well-used long open négligée! Not that she needs to highlight what she has on offer, as it’s fairly obvious. 🙂

An Unknown Gift From The Gods!

This long blonde haired beauty is another unknown model used by Harrison Marks in several of his shoots, but as yet, I have no name for her? I did post this shot of her in the past under Unknown Model No.13.

She seems to have posed for GHM in his flat in various rooms, plus the cottage kitchen set and as in this shot on the Egyptian set. Looking at this shot and similar, I would say they were stills from the GHM film ‘The Nine Ages of Nakedness’, as she appears in the background of numerous scenes, including “The Egyptians” and “The Future”.

Regardless of having no name, she has a stunning figure on her, and you get a side view of her thick lush mound and a bit more! Thanks to Ray for yet another stunning original shot from his Harrison Marks collection.

Wanda With Plenty To Offer

Time for another Harrison Marks model from the late 1960s. This time Wanda Liddell offering up a nice pert pair of tits, but with plenty on offer below as well and wearing the well-worn and well-used long open négligée!