Venetia Day – My Kind of Black Friday!

A new solo image of Venetia Day by Terry Sparks. This time a full frontal shot of her as she poses thigh deep in the sea off Rhodes, with the sun glistening off her wet body and a hint in the shadows of her dark thick bush! A scan from one of 3 sets of contact sheets of Venetia I’ve recently acquired, so I now have plenty more to come.

It seems fitting to do a post of Venetia today as it is Black Friday soon (boom boom!) Not quite what they meant or very politically correct, but then I prefer my Black Friday to the madness out there!

Cleo Simmons – A Devil At The Door!

The shapely form of Cleo Simmons by Harrison Marks. Posing in the doorway of the coven set Cleo looks perfectly posed on tiptoes showing off her ample curves. The Devil’s Head pops up again in this shot, but works well against the stone wall and step.

Breda’s Perfect Bottom!

A delicious colour view of Breda Challen (Veronica Ronnis) in the bath and showing off that perfect bottom, taken by Terry Sparks. I love this view of Breda and that delicious wet white bottom as she bends over in the bath and looks over her shoulder. Great wood panelling and pink wallpaper as well!

This photo was taken by Terry on July 26th 1971 and this was published in Knave Vol.4 No.4 (1972) by Galaxy Publications, which was one of Russell Gay’s magazines.

Cheeky One from Behind!

A shot from the 196os by Roland Carre of one of his French models that appeared in the Cover Girl magazines.

A view from behind this time as she kneels on an armchair looking over her shoulder showing off her great round arse, with just a hint of pussy on show!

Overall, a fabulous shot of an attractive model in stockings and heels from behind. 🙂

The Delicious Derrières of Sue Owen

Two different shots of Sue Owen and her beautiful bottom, both taken by Harrison Marks in his flat, but at different times obviously! The first and my favourite are of a slightly younger Sue with long dark hair posing nude at the bar in GHM’s lounge. A beautiful nude rearview and a few dimples on show, as well as a sneaky peak of one of her small pert tits! I also love that you get to see some memorabilia on GHM’s wall, including shots of himself with June Palmer and Stuart Samuels and an individual shot of Caron Gardener.

The second shot of Sue is slightly later when she posed under the name Suzi Khan, but an equally appealing rear shot as she lifts the shirt she’s wearing to flash her bum to the camera. No dimples this time and maybe a slightly rounder, fuller bottom on show! Thanks to Kevin for both shots of Sue and her delicious derrières. 🙂

Yvonne Perrin – A Quick Tweak!

The beautiful ebony model Yvonne Perrin from a set of contact sheets, who Terry Sparks photographed in 1974. I quite like her as she has a slender figure, small perky tits and a nice dark thick pussy. She’s giving one of those dark nipples a good tweak too! 🙂

Boots & Bum – Part 2!

Another cracking rear view of a Serge Jacques model showing off her boots and bum and a bit more! No name for this model again, but I have her down as Cover Girl Model No.846 in my list of Serge models.

Lighter boots with the stockings this time, and love the way the white jumper is pulled up to expose one tit. I’ve published a shot of this model before, and she is one of my favourite European models of the time. 🙂

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Boots & Bum!

A cracking rear view of a Serge Jacques model showing off her boots and bum! No name for this model, but I have her down as Cover Girl Model No.756 in my list of Serge models, which is coming soon.

I love the way she’s posing on this chair, looking over her shoulder with just a glimpse of one tit showing. Jacques seemed to like his models posing in boots and stockings, as I have several other models posing that way. I’ll post a few more anon. 🙂

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Brenda’s Bum!

Brenda Wilson showing off her shapely bum and more! I’ve posted a few shots of Brenda before from 35mm negatives, but this comes from a collection of contact sheets. Taken by Terry Sparks in the 70s, these shots show much more of Brenda than the negatives.

This example shows her kneeling on the bed in just stockings showing off her rounded bum and more, including that 40″ bust! 🙂

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