An Exciting View in Pink!

A bi-coloured view from the inside cover of Exciting No.21 (1968) of a model on the phone in just stockings and heels.

A Bedroom Bush!

Another hairy view from the inside of Exciting No.21 (1968). This time a very nice black and white shot of a model in white heels and stockings on the bed showing off her bush!

Exciting No.26 – Front & Rear!

From my growing collection of Exciting Magazines, the front, and rear cover of Exciting No.26 from 1969. This curly haired beauty isn’t shy in showing off her front and rear either, with two very open but classic continental poses on view. I’m not sure if her hair is natural or a wig, but the collar and cuffs certainly seem to match!

I now have 17 editions of Exciting in my growing collection, and they are certainly different from the magazine style of Harrison Marks and other UK photographers. Most shots are by Serge Jacques, and he certainly had a more open and differing style for his models to pose. Not everyone’s taste, but the style of the magazines and models has intrigued me, so thought I’d explore them a bit more! 😉

Bi-Coloured Flasher!

I love bi-coloured shots like this, especially this type of view! This comes from the pages of Cover Girl No.10 published in the late 1960s. I also adore this model, her chic look and the obvious view!

Some of you may know the titles ‘Cover Girl’ and ‘Exciting’. These were published by Nordisk Bladcentral, Copenhagen and distributed by Sangko-Norden and both magazines followed a very similar format. They both featured colour covers and back pages of a featured model, as well as a colour centrefold. The rest were black and white shots, but sometimes with a single coloured border or bi-coloured. All the models had one thing in common, they were nearly all natural and showing off their thick bushy curls. Most of the images of the girls were also mostly taken by Serge Jacques.

This model was a slight exception, as she had half-and-half down below, hair on top and smooth lower down. I also love how in this shot she is literally pulling her top up to flash her tits, with her knickers half down exposing her pussy!

A Smoking Cover Girl!

Another new beautiful model by Serge Jacques. This model comes from an original set of contact sheets featuring two sets of shots. One posing around a house like above, the other in the studio.

A cracking open leg view as she sits there looking at the camera smoking a cigarette in heels, stockings, and open long négligée.

Alice Arno – Fully Exposed

The beautiful Alice Arno by Serge Jacques. Alice modelled during the mid 1960s and 70s, appearing in several publications, including Girls Illustrated, Girls of the World and of course Cover Girls and Exciting. Another fuller length shot from this set showing her posing in a white raincoat, stockings, and high heels with very little else. 🙂

All Frills Down Below!

A new original 10 by 8 print by Serge Jacques, showing off a fabulous wardrobe view of another European model.

A beautiful French model in her black stockings and frilly garter belts as she leans against that wardrobe door.  Offering us a perfect view of her curves and hairy pussy. 🙂

Boots & Bum – Part 2!

Another cracking rear view of a Serge Jacques model showing off her boots and bum and a bit more! No name for this model again, but I have her down as Cover Girl Model No.846 in my list of Serge models.

Lighter boots with the stockings this time, and love the way the white jumper is pulled up to expose one tit. I’ve published a shot of this model before, and she is one of my favourite European models of the time. 🙂

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Boots & Bum!

A cracking rear view of a Serge Jacques model showing off her boots and bum! No name for this model, but I have her down as Cover Girl Model No.756 in my list of Serge models, which is coming soon.

I love the way she’s posing on this chair, looking over her shoulder with just a glimpse of one tit showing. Jacques seemed to like his models posing in boots and stockings, as I have several other models posing that way. I’ll post a few more anon. 🙂

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A Flash from Frieda

Another shot of one of my favourite French models Frieda by Serge Jacques. A fabulous view of her in black panties and stockings pulling up her white jumper like dress to flash her tits! I also love the way the panties and suspender belt hug the curve of her hips 🙂