Truly Trudy!

The shapely form of Trudy Eyre by Terry Sparks from a set of original contact sheets.

Better known as Angela Duncan, a truly fabulous shot of her sat on the floor in an open négligée. That négligée falls open, revealing her curves and those big, rounded tits! Taken on location at an unknown house in the living room on 18th November 1969.

Dawn & Cindy – Ready to Pose

I love duo’s and trio’s of models posing together, and here is a perfect duo in the shapely form of Dawn Grayson and Cindy Neal. From an original strip of 35 mm black and white negative, this was shot at the Norland Astoria Studio in 1967 of the two girls.

Both look fabulous sat on the sofa as they prepare to pose for the camera. Unfortunately, this is the last image I have in my collection of these two.

Members can view and download a larger image here

Tracy Reeves – A Step-Up!

Tracy Reeves from 1968 posing at Jason Studio’s from a strip of 35 mm black and white negatives. A great small set of her posing nude and using the stepladder to strike various different poses.

Members can view and download a larger image here

Hyde & Seek

A new model from my large collection of contact sheets by Terry Sparks. This gorgeous model with the strategically place guitar is Anna Hyde and posed for Terry in the late 60’s on a sofa that looks like one used at Jason Studio’s. I love her short 60’s hair style, that figure and white fishnet type stockings. Only downside to this shot is that damn guitar being in the way, but I’d play hide and seek with her 😉

These photo’s and contact sheets were actually distributed under Paul Pantha as the photographer, but that was a pseudonym for Terry.

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Caron Gardner – Sofa So Good!

Caron Gardner posing nude apart from some heels on a very uncomfortable looking sofa chair! Thankfully the view on the sofa of Carons figure more than makes up for it.

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Dawn Grayson – Sheer Beauty

From a set that just keeps giving the stunning Dawn Grayson in black bra and panties with matching heels and tan suspenders. Sat with her legs up showing off the heels she looks relaxed and gorgeous as ever. This is the 6th shot from this set and only a few left to go, which is a shame as love this set.

This photo is one of the more vibrant shots and Dawn’s auburn hair looks much brighter in this shot than the others here for some reason.

Jenny’s Kinky Boots & More!

A bit of a fetish shot of Jenny Lane to finish the week. An original 10 by 8 print from my collection of Jenny posing in long tight black leather boots holding a whip! She’s also showing off a bit more sitting that way.

Nearly Naked Nicky! (Original)

The nearly naked Nicky Stevens reclining on a sofa. Nicky looking as fabulous as ever and just a fur blanket stopping us from getting a full view! No idea where or whom took this shot, but definitely in the 60’s and thanks to Kevin for sending over this great shot 🙂


Lisa Martelle by Harrison Marks (Original)

Lisa Martelle or as we know her, Dawn Grayson by Harrison Marks at Lily Place studio’s probably mid 1960’s. The blonde wig was worn when she appeared under the Lisa pseudonym and she first appeared around 1964.

Posing on a sofa in GHM’s office we see a fabulous view of Dawn’s slender figure and one small tit. Yes I’d class these as small tits 🙂

Sheer Delight From Toni!


Another teasing shot of Toni Rees posing as she sits on the sofa in a sheer baby-doll negligee. From a restored silver gelatin photo this shot of Toni is very tempting. Although she’s wearing a negligee the sheer material still gives us more than a glimpse of those beautiful big tits that lie beneath!