On The Beach with Sophia!

A shot of Sophia Dawn by Harrison Marks, taken in the 60s. Posing on a beach down in Cornwall in long black négligée at the water’s edge. Looking rather cool compared to the rest of us!

Back from my summer break in France and nice to come back to some cooler weather than we had over there 🙂

Sophia Dawn – Pedestal Beauty

An exquisite shot of 1960s UK glamour model Sophia Dawn. Sat naked upon a pedestal like some Greek goddess showing off her figure and small tan lined tits.

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Sophia Dawn – Heavenly Hips! (Original)


A restored 35mm colour slide from my own collection of the always glamorous Sophia Dawn. I have a huge collection of 35mm slides of Sophia. Including this set of her posing by a fake wall in the studio and using the towel in the background.

This is a superb nude study of Sophia, as it shows off her figure to perfection, including the curve of those hips and waist. The white tan lines also shows off a hint of her smooth pussy and slit 😉

Sophie Dawn – Among The Mussels! (Original)

An original shot of Sophia Dawn by Harrison Marks posing amongst the rocks and mussels down on Bedruthan beach in Cornwall. This shot was probably taken around 1964 and several shots of Sophia on the beach went on to appear in GHM’s hardback book ‘She Walks in Beauty’


Sophia Dawn – Shocking in Stockings! (Original)

Sophia Dawn stripping off her stockings as two shocked cartoon ladies look on in horror. This topless shot comes from an original print taken by Russell Gay in the studio and is a fabulous shot of the beautiful Sophia in white panties and stockings 🙂


Sophia Dawn – A Witches Broom!


A loose connection to Halloween with Sophia Dawn by Harrison Marks on the Cinderella set with a strategically placed ‘witches’ broom. Regardless of the broom hiding things it’s still a fabulous view of Sophia’s curves and figure in front of the fire place and she’s definitely no witch!


Sophia Dawn – Train Track to Desire (Original)



Sophia Dawn taken by Harrison Marks on a railway track down in Cornwall. I’ve seen this location used several times by GHM, but this shot has to be my favourite, as I love the pose from Sophia plus the wonderful smile. Taken on location down in Devon, not far from Bedruthan and it’s famous beach and steps I would guess? I bet her bum was cold on that track!

Update: Thanks to Omigosh who thinks the train track is Pencarrow on the Wenford Bridge line – very few trains , so “safe” and only a dozen or so miles from Bedruthan.

S is For Sophia (Xmas Calendar)



S is for Sophia Dawn looking damn sexy in this shot wearing long black gloves, black corset and stockings as she sits straddling a chair. Not a Harrison Marks shot, but from a ToCo publication such as Spick & Span, but for the life of me can’t remember which one or the edition?

Sophia Dawn – From Rags to Riches!



A restored 35mm colour slide from my own collection of the always glamorous Sophia Dawn. Although it looks in this shot that she’s fallen on hard times as the blouse she is nearly wearing has seen better days and is falling apart to reveal a glimpse of tanned tits and nipple below it! I have several 35mm slide collections of Sophia, but this one of her with the ripped blouse and red background is on it’s own, so I have no idea who took it or if there are more? It’s too good not to share as the quality is excellent.

Sophia Dawn – An Uncensored Fireside View (Original)



Sophia Dawn posing nude and uncensored by the fireplace, giving us a perfect view of her figure and smooth shaven labia. An original shot taken by Harrison Marks on the Cinderella set, although it could easily be a witches cottage with the broom and cauldron, but who cares about the props! No idea if this particular shot ever got published in one of GHM’s publications?

Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.